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Super Foods To Treat Dizziness

Disequilibrium / Vertigo

Dizziness is a feeling of being off balance or of disequilibrium, which could be described as spinning or a sense of falling. Vertigo is a specific form of dizziness often associated with heights or stressful situations. There are two types of vertigo. Subjective vertigo is when the person feels that he or she is spinning. Objective vertigo is when the person feels that objects are spinning around the individual.

Superfoods Dizziness

True vertigo is an internal problem, usually associated with the inner ear, middle ear, one of the cranial nerves, brain stem, and eyes. Unlike dizziness, vertigo is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and severe sweating, and can be caused by a viral infection. Severe bouts can cause ringing in the ears (tinnitus) or hearing loss.

What Causes Dizziness?

A sudden drop of blood pressure in the brain is a key cause of dizziness. This can be caused by:

  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Low blood sugar
  • Temporary blockage of blood to the brain
  • Low blood oxygenation
  • Iron deficiency
  • Drug reactions
  • Adrenal exhaustion from overuse of stimulants
  • Inadequate or incorrect breathing patterns
  • Head trauma and cerebellar tumors

Depression or anxiety can also lead to dizziness.

Causes Dizziness

Treatments for Dizziness

Eating healthy, pure foods can help your overall health and minimize the effects of vertigo. Eat smaller meals throughout the day to maintain your blood sugar levels, and reduce sugars, caffeinated beverages, and alcohol. Iron supplements or iron­rich foods (spinach, kale, bee pollen, raw seeds, and dark leafy­green vegetables) can help with anemia, which may cause dizziness and Granataum. Also try the herbs ginger and Gingko leaf extract.

Healthy Organic Foods

Nutritional supplementation includes vitamin B complex, niacin, vitamin E, and iron. Vitamins C and B5 can help with adrenal exhaustion. You may also try acupuncture and different forms of bodywork to help with energy flows in the body.

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