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Super Foods To Treat Fibrocystic Disease

Fibrocystic Disease


Fibrosis is the formation of fibrous (fiber­-containing) tissues. Scar tissue is one kind of fibrous tissue. Enzymes digest scar tissue and reduce the buildup of fibrin (a protein that is deposited as filaments). Fibrin reduces the function and size of our organs as we age.

More than 50% of women between the ages of 35 and 50 are prone to fibrocystic breast disease. In this form of fibrosis, the connective tissue that supports the breast’s milk ducts thickens into scar tissue. Some experts believe that this occurs as a result of too much estrogen in the body. There is also a genetic relationship. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Lumpy breasts in upper and outer quadrants
  • Painful breasts during pre­menses and during menses

Super Foods To Treat Fibrocystic Disease

What Causes Fibrosis?

Caffeine and birth control pills are major factors in developing fibrosis, along with genetics and hyperestrogenism.

Super Foods To Treat Fibrocystic Disease


Fibrocystic Breast Disease is often difficult to cure and medical treatments mainly focus on slowing it down. However, this condition may be treated with success, especially if treatment is started early. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • If your fibrocystic breast disease causes you pain or discomfort, start taking 400 IU of vitamin E per day, increasing the dose to 500 IU per day if the vitamin E doesn’t raise your blood pressure. Vitamin E will reduce the quantity of painful cysts in your breasts, while helping with cellular health.
  • Take plenty of antioxidants, including those found in berries, pure cocoa, and pine bark extract.
  • Use only low­dose birth control pills.
  • Increase your intake of bioflavonoids and vitamin C for healthy connective tissues. Mangoes, seahawthorn, and citrus fruit are good sources of bioflavonoids.
  • Drink lots of water. In fact, switch to a carbon activated water for best hydration and mineral retention. Another excellent source of hydration is from coconut water (the juice from young coconuts), which has the same sugar and salt makeup as blood plasma. See Dehydration for more information.

Super Foods To Treat Fibrocystic Disease

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