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Super Foods To Treat Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Alopecia / Female Hair Loss / Male Pattern Baldness

Many men feel that hair loss is unavoidable, since it predominantly a genetic condition. But while the pattern associated with male pattern baldness may be predetermined, the rate of hair loss itself can be slowed down significantly. In fact, studies show that hair loss can be reversed in some cases. And while you may not experience a complete reversal with a full head of new hair, you may be able to restore 5 or 10 years to your thinning hair.

Super Foods To Treat Hair Loss

What Causes Hair Loss?

A number of factors influence hair loss. Genetics, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and external influences may all play a part in thinning or loss of hair.

  • Genetics: The foremost cause of hair loss, known as alopecia or male pattern baldness, is genetic and it affects both men and women, following the maternal grandparent.
  • Hormones: Balding and thinning hair is often caused by hormonal imbalances, specifically, an over­abundance of the male hormone androgen. This is why female hair loss often occurs after menopause and childbirth, resulting from a decrease in estrogen and a resulting androgen overload. Hypothyroidism may also be a factor.
  • Stress: We also know that stress affects the production of hormones in the body and, as a result, can increase hair loss. Stress can be caused by excess stimulants (coffee and other caffeinated products), mental and emotional chaos, traumatic experiences, and severe illness or medical treatment. Often, when these stress factors are eliminated, hair growth returns.
  • Nutrition: Lack of nutrients for healthy hair also may cause hair loss. This can result from a low protein diet or one that is vitamin and mineral deficient.
  • Circulation: Nutrients must be able to reach the top surface of the scalp, so excellent blood circulation is required for healthy hair. Changes in the scalp itself may also make it more difficult for nutrients to get into the follicles.

Super Foods To Treat Hair Loss

Treatments for Hair Loss

If we had a proven, sure­fire natural treatment for hair loss prevention, the hair transplant clinics would be out of business tomorrow. But that’s not to say that herbs and lifestyle treatments cannot be effective. They work for some and not for others. More study is required to give us conclusive evidence as to the results of these natural treatments. Most natural treatments center on stimulating blood circulation to the scalp. Here are the highlights:

  • Stimulate circulation in the scalp area with massage, exercise, herbs, and topical applications.
  • Reduce or stop smoking and excess alcohol consumption. Smoking causes damage to the DNA of the hair follicle and inhibits tissue remolding during hair growth.
  • Reduce protein and starch consumption and increase fruit and vegetable consumption.
  • Try acupuncture treatments.

Super Foods To Treat Hair Loss

Other Considerations

For starters, start eating a healthier diet. High­fat, high­carbohydrate diets increase male and female pattern baldness, while diets abundant in fruits and vegetables but low in starch slow down the process. Take B vitamins with biotin, add organic silica (horsetail herb), and alpha­lipoic acid. Also increase vitamin E.

If you’re already experiencing hair loss, a number of herbs and supplements can help you. The moss called golden maidenhair and inositol found in beans, nuts, grains, and fruits may help prevent further hair loss. The silicon in the herbs horsetail and oats traw reportedly stop the process of hair loss completely. Furthermore, red sage and castor oil topical treatments supposedly encourage the growth of new hair, according to Eastern medicine.

The Amazon herb Una de Gato (cat’s claw) is a known stimulant and circulation booster. It is used throughout South America for circulation disorders and weight loss programs.

Get plenty of rigorous exercise for better blood circulation and stress reduction.

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