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Super Foods To Treat Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Heart disease remains the number one killer of adults in developed countries. When we think of heart disease, most people think of high blood pressure, arterial plaque, obesity, cholesterol, and all of the elements and conditions related to atherosclerosis. But coronary heart disease, while the most common form of heart failure, is only one of many different heart conditions. More than 25 million Americans are diagnosed with heart disease and they maintain a sixty billion dollar industry. In most cases, heart disease can be prevented with natural treatments and lifestyle changes.

Super Foods To Treat Heart Disease

What Causes Heart Disease?

Today the following facts might seem controversial, but in ten years they will be looked back on as the norm. We’ll be saying, “How stupid could people have been?” Sound familiar?

Cholesterol is NOT the main culprit in heart attacks. More than 13 million people in the United States have been saddled with lifetime prescriptions to statins (cholesterol­ lowering drugs) while heart disease statistics continue to soar! And many experts agree that statins can cause liver problems and muscle aches.The majority of people who suffer heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels. The majority of people with high cholesterol never suffer heart attacks. Half of all heart attack victims have none of the standard risk factors, that is, smoking, obesity, genetics, or high cholesterol. Statin drugs can rob your heart of Co­Q10, the nutrient that powers your heartbeat.

The real culprit in heart disease is not just cholesterol; it is also inflammation. Conditions that cause or increase inflammation include: age, smoking, toxins, high blood sugar, lack of nutrients, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Super Foods To Treat Heart Disease

Treatments and Prevention

Anti­inflammatory foods and herbs include calendula, catuaba, cat’s claw, hawthorn, milk thistle, vitamin C, wormwood, black cohosh, garlic, motherwort, pine bark extract, white willow, and wild yam. You can use these as tinctures, infusions (tea), powders (capsules), or extracts. The spices tumeric, ginger, and cayenne also have anti­inflammatory properties as do fish oils.

Herbs and foods with antispasmodic and hypotensive qualities for calming the heart, nervous system, and blood pressure include leonuri, valerian root, haw, eucalyptus, St. John’s wort, and spearmint.

Super Foods To Treat Heart Disease

Vitamin C, vitamin B6, niacin, a consistent enzymes program, colloidal silver, primrose oil, and red algae help get rid of arterial plaque and coronary and arterial inflammation. A major component of arterial plaque is a substance called lipoprotein­a, which serves to strengthen blood vessel walls in the absence of adequate amounts of vitamin C in the body. The only problem is that lipoprotein­a also clogs your arteries.

EDTA and vitamin C help get rid of this arterial plaque and the condition caused by the Standard American Diet (SAD). This condition is elevated levels of homocysteine, an amino acid metabolite that is highly damaging to arterial walls. To help reduce homocysteine levels, add 800 mcg of folic acid, 1 mg of B12 (methylcobalamine), and 500 to 1,000 mg of trimethylglycine (TMG) to your meals, at least twice a day.

Add 100 mg of coenzyme Q10 (Co­Q10) and 20 mg of potassium. Potassium cell salts are also helpful in strengthening the heart muscles. Hawthorn berry and magnesium help regulate the heart’s electrical activity.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) supplements may prevent heart disease, as studies show that declining DHEA levels due to age are linked to heart disease, as well as to obesity, diabetes, and arthritis. In fact, according to a groundbreaking, 12­year research study of 242 men ranging in age from 50 to 79 years old, only 100 mcg of DHEA reduced death from heart disease by 48% and the death rate in general by 36% (excluding accidents). Selenium has been reported to improve cardiomyopathies (flabby hearts).

Other Considerations

Avoid licorice if you have heart disease. Though licorice has many health benefits, it can cause sodium retention and excess potassium depletion, causing high blood pressure and electrolyte imbalance. For people with heart disease, licorice’s cons far outweigh its pros.

Super Foods To Treat Heart Disease

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