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Super Foods To Treat Herpes


Cold Sore / Fever Blister / HHV­6 / HSV

The herpes virus comes in several forms, and all are epidemic, easily transferable, and leave the body more vulnerable to other diseases. Herpes is a virus family to avoid if possible, though this is difficult in today’s society. One of the most promising new treatment developments comes from India, in the form of Neem oil.

Super Foods To Treat Herpes

Types of Herpes

Herpes simplex is a virus that creates blisters on the mouth or on the genitals. It is contagious, particularly during an outbreak, but also during periods of shedding, which is unpredictable and usually asymptomatic.

Genital herpes appears anywhere on the pelvic region, so to avoid contagion, this entire region should not be in contact with another “danger zone” when the virus is active. It causes sores that itch when an outbreak begins, then break open and form scabs. The initial outbreak is often accompanied by fever and nausea, but later outbreaks often have no symptoms. It is contagious as soon as an episode begins, and particularly throughout the time of the outbreak. Often, the viruses are passed along during times when people think it is safe. It is important to remember that the virus goes through shedding phases, which are seemingly random. The disease is contagious during that time; however, there are no symptoms at that point to warn of its contagious state.

Epstein Barr Virus is a form of Herpes responsible for mononucleosis, causing long­term fatigue.

Less known is Type 6 herpes. About 95% of the world has been exposed to this virus and developed antibodies. Most infants have this form of herpes, which is called roseola, a feverish rash. It can lead to bone marrow or brain infection in a small number of cases, but usually leaves little trace. However, the virus reactivates in some adults whose immune systems are weakened by hormonal imbalances, stress, and toxins. Herpes Virus Type 6 has been implicated in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Super Foods To Treat Herpes

Prevention and Treatment of Herpes

Herpes is activated by four things: sunburn; an excess of the amino acid arginine, which is present in orange juice and other fruit juices; malic acid, which is also concentrated in fruit juices; and the worst culprit, stress.

  • Lysine, another amino acid, which is like poison to herpes, looks like arginine to the herpes virus. When lysine is present, the herpes virus eats the lysine, thinking it is arginine, and dies. The herb lorea can help if you can find it, but do NOT take lorea if you have a liver condition. Eat lean animal protein in the morning and evening and significantly reduce carbohydrates such as sugar and bread.
  • Garlic is better known as a remedy for fungal infections, but research indicates that it is also effective against viruses such as genital herpes and herpes simplex. In the case of herpes simplex, but not necessarily genital herpes, zinc supplements may help stop the virus from spreading throughout the body. Also, chewing folic acid tablets and taking L­lysine and zinc may clear up herpes simplex as quickly as overnight.

Super Foods To Treat Herpes

  • Sarsaparilla, taken as a tea boiled for twenty minutes, or as an extract or capsule, can help prevent contracting oral and genital herpes if you are exposed. It also helps keep outbreaks under control.
  • Neem also prevents and controls oral and genital herpes. It has a challenging taste and smell and stains whatever it touches. It can be added to massage oil and rubbed on the genitals and used intervaginally, and it helps prevent pregnancy as well as herpes. (Be sure to study this subject closely before using it.) This has been used traditionally in India and now is available commercially.

Super Foods To Treat Herpes

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant, antihistamine, immune system booster, and antiviral. Zinc lowers the frequency and severity of herpes outbreaks and can be taken internally and applied in ointment.
  • HSV replication requires arginine, so a diet high in lysine may block arginine and prevent it from activating the virus. Chocolate, nuts, and grains are high in arginine and low in lysine. Legumes, including peanuts, are high in lysine and low in arginine.
  • Lemon balm extract oils or creams can be applied to the herpes sores, as can aloe vera.
  • Licorice is similar to steroids but without the side effects, and can reduce pain and aid healing of lesions. It can be applied topically and ingested. Make tea by boiling the roots for twenty minutes. Drink four to five cups of licorice a per day and put a bandage soaked in licorice on the ulcer.

Super Foods To Treat Herpes

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