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Super Foods To Treat Human Papilloma Virus

Human Papilloma Virus

HPV / Cervical Cancer / Genital Warts / Plantar Warts / Vaginal Warts

Since its discovery in recent years, HPV has become a hot topic. It is the only known cause of cervical cancer in women. As a sexually transmitted infection (STI), the HPV virus is more common among younger and more sexually active adults. An estimated 20 million people have HPV in the United States. Since there are very few symptoms, it is often undetected for a long time. This is the greatest threat from HPV, so women should be tested from time to time with a Pap smear analysis.

Don’t be fooled by compelling advertising for HPV vaccinations! They do not cure HPV infections and they are not proven effective in preventing HPV. They are simply an unnecessary chemical vaccine

administered on a public frightened by pharmaceutical company advertising, designed to promote and sell products. These chemicals have numerous side effects that can compromise your health.

Super Foods To Treat Human Papilloma Virus

What Causes HPV?

HPV is a virus and, as such, it is transmitted through contact with other humans. Sexual intercourse is not necessary for HPV transmission, as it lives on the skin around the genitals and can come into contact through almost any sexual contact (not necessarily penetration).


HPV is usually not dangerous or problematic for either partner. Of course, for women, it should be treated early so it does not develop into a larger problem, such as cervical cancer. If treated early, HPV is not serious or health threatening. Traditional treatments for women are not necessarily more effective than natural treatments. It’s a virus that affects the skin and can be treated quite well with natural antiviral topicals. These include:

  • Tea tree oil (the best and most expensive)
  • Artemisia
  • St John’s wort liquid extract
  • Liquid Echinacea

Super Foods To Treat Human Papilloma Virus

 These will work just as well as topical antiviral medications from the doctor. Put these into an aloe vera gel for best results. Use them every day for several weeks. Oral treatments to supplement these topical treatments include:

  • Take olive leaf extract and nutrient­rich, health­forming foods to support your immune system.
  • Take Echinacea, John’s wort, and skullcap herbs for antiviral protection. Oregano oil also works well.
  • Take pine bark extract (Pycnogenol), pure cocoa, green tea extract, and flaxseed oil for antioxidant support, which helps protect your cells from viral attack.
  • Stop smoking, excess drinking, and remove processed foods and excess sugar from your diet during your antiviral treatment.


At the moment, there is no trustworthy test that detects HPV in men. However, genital warts can be detected in men, which is the most common symptom of HPV. Generally, visual inspection is used to determine if the man has genital warts from HPV. However, these inspections are not always 100% reliable. For men, HPV is not a high­risk STI (sexually transmitted infection). It affects only the skin and often goes away on its own.

A burning sensation while urinating is not a symptom of HPV in men, so if you have this symptom, you might have a bacterial infection or allergic reaction—not a viral infection. Bacteria can be eliminated with:

  • Garlic extract
  • Oregano extract
  • Cranberry juice (12 oz at morning and night while symptoms last)
  • Getting your body pH more alkaline and less acidic by eating lots of green foods like Spirulina, spinach, kale, Echinacea, devil’s claw
  • Avoiding soda, sugar, cheese, beer, wine, vinegar, pickled foods, too much bread or yeast
  • Some men are allergic to spermicidal creams used in contraceptive devices and reactions can be harsh. Usually, the reaction subsides within 48 hours.

Super Foods To Treat Human Papilloma Virus

Other Considerations

Condoms may provide some protection against HPV, but are not a total solution, since HPV­infected areas could come into contact with any exposed skin.

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