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Super Foods To Treat Infection (Viral)

Infection (Viral)

Some say that there are two types of organisms on this planet— productive, self­sufficient organisms, and the parasites that live off them. Viruses are like the parasites. They live off of other organisms, taking advantage their weaknesses. The weaker and more vulnerable an organism, the more prone it is to picking up viruses as long­term passengers. In many ways, a weak immune system is an invitation to viral infection, since viruses cannot thrive in a healthy system.

In the animal kingdom, those free of parasites are the ones with the brightest colors, the longest feathers, the shiniest fur, and all of the features that attract their mates. The bottom line is that good health can be defined as the absence of viruses.

Super Foods To Treat Infection (Viral)

What Are Viruses?

Unlike bacteria, viruses are not living organisms. They are particles or molecules that reproduce inside the cells of other (host) organisms,


causing damage to the host. They are difficult to remove once they take hold, so the best treatment against viruses is preventative treatment.

Antiviral Treatments

Viruses live and thrive in unhealthy systems, so the most effective way to remain virus­free is to keep your system strong and healthy. This means fortifying your immune system and taking antiviral supplements. Besides adding these positive substances, your antiviral treatment should include the removal of negative substances, such as tobacco smoke, excess alcohol, food toxins and additives, environmental toxins, stress. Here is a summary of the essentials:

  • Take olive leaf extract and nutrient­rich, health­forming foods to support your immune system.
  • Take Echinacea, John’s wort, and skullcap herbs for antiviral protection.
  • Get exercise and sunlight every day, and take antioxidant supplements.
  • Stop smoking and excessive drinking, and remove processed foods and excess sugar from your diet.

Super Foods To Treat Infection (Viral)

Other Considerations

Research indicates that the mineral zinc is also an effective antiviral agent. For example, a double­blind study published in 2000 demonstrated that zinc significantly reduces the length of overall common cold symptoms by 50%, including cough by 50% and nasal discharge by 30%. Other antiviral supplements include:

  • N­acetylcysteine (NAC)
  • Lysine
  • Colloidal silver (be sure to find a reputable source, don’t make your own)
  • Vitamin C and Citricidal grapefruit seed extract

Super Foods To Treat Infection (Viral)

 High doses of enzymes will also make your body a hostile environment for viruses, while assisting digestion and cleaning out pockets of waste in your lower bowel, a place where viruses breed. These natural viral reagents will cause the weaker viruses to die and the stronger, more virulent ones to retreat into a small, safe place they can burrow in, somewhere in your body, depending on the type of virus. They’ll only awaken if you feed them something that wakes them from their dormant state (e.g., poor diet, smoking, drinking, drugging, a negative mind­set, stress, and poor sleep patterns).

In some studies, chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C have responded to selenium, milk thistle, and alpha­lipoic acid (see Hepatitis).

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