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Super Foods To Treat Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction

Frigidity / Lack of Orgasm / Premature Ejaculation

Are you perfectly happy and satisfied between the sheets? Is your partner? Sexual dysfunction is more common than most people like to admit. For men, it involves a number of issues, including, erectile dysfunction (covered in its own section), premature ejaculation, frigidity, obsession, compulsion, and sex addiction.

For women, sexual dysfunction includes such conditions as frigidity, vaginal dryness, inability to reach orgasm, nymphomania, and different forms of enabling their sexual partners.

Super Foods To Treat Sexual Dysfunction

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can be divided into two groups: dysfunction caused by physical or biochemical problems and dysfunction caused by mental, emotional, or psychological problems. Just a few causes include:

  • A diet heavy in saturated fats, sugars, and food additives
  • Fear of sex and related issues
  • Self­esteem issues / lack of sexual confidence and control
  • Past sexual abuse or related trauma
  • Lack of sexual education
  • Anger from puberty issues or past sexual experiences
  • Chronic depression

In general, when diagnosing a sexual dysfunction, it’s useful to keep an open mind and take a holistic attitude, with the expectation that more than one of these issues will be the cause.

Super Foods To Treat Sexual Dysfunction


Since the most serious kinds of sexual dysfunctions are psychologically based, it’s important to seek healing for your mental and emotional wounds. Psychotherapy, energy work, and countless forms of alternative therapies can be used to help.


Tantra is an ancient practice of becoming present for your sexuality and using it to further your health and life force. Tantric exercises and philosophies can break through all sorts of sexual dysfunction.

See Immune System Health for good dietary advice that will help with sexual dysfunction on a physical and biochemical level and the entry for Erectile Dysfunction offers many suggestions for improved performance.

Super Foods To Treat Sexual Dysfunction

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