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Super Foods To Treat Sunburn


In the past 30 years, the development of the ozone hole in the Earth’s atmosphere has allowed more of the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun to reach the Earth and our skin. Without the full ozone protection, we are more prone to sunburn.

If you are vacationing or live in a sunny climate, be sure to take precautions when going out into the sun. Even dark­skinned people can get skin cancer and other problems because of excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays (or the UV light from artificial sources, such as tanning lamps or industrial lamps).

Sunburn usually goes away in a week or two; even if you’ve got a bad sunburn, the main discomfort will probably subside after two days. When the skin begins to heal, however, it will be very itchy. Symptoms and damage to the skin can be minimized by using the remedies suggested here. Note that repeated sunburn and excessive exposure to UV light can lead to skin cancer.

Superfoods To Treat Sunburn


If you do get a sunburn, here are the basic steps to follow for healing and protecting your skin, and reducing pain:

  • Spray carbon activated water (CAW) generously and frequently on your skin; it will soothe the heat immediately. If you don’t have CAW water, try apple cider vinegar.
  • When the pain subsides, smear on aloe vera gel or papaya pulp, followed by a vitamin E cream.
  • While you have the sunburn, drink at least eight 8­ounce glasses of pure water each day to replenish the fluid that the swelling and/or blisters from the burn takes away from the rest of your body.

Superfoods To Treat Sunburn

Other Considerations

Add some calendula or lavender oil to your aloe vera gel or papaya pulp before putting it onto your burn. Before you go into the sun, take extra vitamin C (1 gram added to your normal dose) to helps your protect skin from the sun, while still allowing the rays to get in and produce vitamin D.

Do not soak in water for long periods, as this can dehydrate your skin. To hydrate your skin, put raw plantain or potato pulp onto your skin. This also feels great while helping your skin.

Superfoods To Treat Sunburn

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