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Super Foods To Treat Waistline


Not all problem areas for fat are the same. Where you have fat is just as important as how much you have. Experts agree that it’s much healthier to be shaped like a pear, with fat accumulating around the hips and thighs, than to be shaped like an apple, with fat accumulating around the waistline. Research shows that people who store body fat around their waists have an increased risk for heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, back problems including herniated discs, Type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

This is bad news for men, who are more likely to store fat around their waists than women. When women do accumulate excess abdominal fat, however, they become high­risk for these diseases much sooner than do men. In other words, even if a woman has just a little excess fat around her waistline, she jumps into the high­risk category for these chronic diseases.

Super Foods To Treat Waistline

Causes of the Expanding Waistline

You may think you are fatter than you are if you have Candida, as it causes bloating, particularly in the face and abdomen. If you notice a white coating on your tongue, expanded pores, swelling around the eyes, and crave sweets and feel confused and spacey, treat yourself for Candida (see Candida), using herbs and intestinal flora, and avoid carbohydrates and fermented foods.

If your abdomen is too large, you may easily have too much waste solidified in your colon, which can be removed through colon cleanses and colonics. A rounded and bloated abdomen can also be caused by parasites, which most people have, even in developed countries. Some signs are dark circles under the eyes, itchy rectum, worsening of symptoms at full moon, and pale lips.

Kidney weakness, which is associated in Traditional Chinese Medicine with fear and also with sexual depletion, can cause edema (puffing of the cells due to excess moisture), particularly in the ankles, around the eyes, under the chin, and throughout the abdomen. Also, fat will accumulate in the abdomen to protect the kidneys. Adrenal deficiency also adds to the size of the waistline because of cortisol production, first too high, then too low once the reserves are used up.

Hypothyroidism also can lead to difficulty with weight, and cause a rounded abdomen.

Super Foods To Treat Waistline

Treatments for an Expanding Waistline

Here are the keys to curing a puffy midsection:

  • Avoid fatty foods, dairy products, processed foods, alcohol, and sodas. Also avoid sweets; risen and fermented foods such as alcohol, cheese, bread and pizza, vinegar; and avoid mushrooms.
  • Reduce consumption of meats and sugars.
  • Eat more nutrient­dense foods, such as Spirulina, Chlorella, bee pollen, Spanish gooseberry, and dandelion.
  • Stay active. Sweat at least three times per week.
  • Consider a parasite cleanse or general cleansing program or product.


Other Considerations

Aside from crunches and other forms of core strength­building exercises, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid from animal sources, has been almost miraculous for some people, especially men, at removing the roll around the abdomen that accumulate as soon as a person becomes more sedentary. Drink plenty of pure water to transport the broken­down smooth fat out of your system.

Eat raw pumpkin seeds and take Una de Gato (Cat’s Claw) herb, black walnut hulls in capsule or extract form, and raw garlic for cleansing. Keep your body alkaline, and keep your intestines scrubbed with fiber. For more cleansing herbal treatments, see Constipation.

Sprinkle dulse and seaweed (especially fucus kelp) over your food for extra iodine to help your thyroid and metabolism. You may want to take the amino acid L­tyrosine to raise the thyroid function as well. Also, chickweed helps the body get rid of fat, and spicy foods can keep the metabolism up.

Taoist and Tantric practices promote orgasms without ejaculation as a way to maintain kidney meridian strength.

Superfoods To Treat Waistline

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