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Super Foods To Treat Weight (Over)

Obesity / Overweight

Being overweight is the single biggest health risk in the United States. Fifteen percent of American kids are obese, or more than 35 pounds overweight. Thirty­seven percent of all Americans are obese. Eight percent of Americans are morbidly obese, or more than 100 pounds overweight. Being overweight makes people susceptible to illness and debilitating diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. Obesity also is associated with a higher risk of prostate, breast, and colorectal cancers. Being overweight costs us all money with the doubling in health costs and higher incidence of diseases that could easily be avoided.

Being overweight is an insidious cycle. For those who do not feel secure, it can eat away at their self­esteem. If your mood depends on your weight, you can become depressed and eat even more. Reacting with depression to being overweight can lead to taking dangerous antidepressants, creating a loss in libido, which can create further problems with the psychological underpinnings in relationships. It’s best to first look at any emotional causes for overeating to address the core issues.

Being overweight is relatively easy to overcome if there is no underlying health condition causing the problem. Of course, hypothyroidism, genetics, and being born with a lower amount of brown fat can make weight loss more of a challenge. Obese people often have abnormal metabolism, and can’t eat what others eat and stay slim. It has been found that overweight people often don’t eat more than thin people. But a few simple changes in food choices and eating right for your blood type (see appendix), then slowly adding exercise, can help most people without a serious health disorder overcome their weight problem.

Super Foods To Treat Weight (Over)


Americans on average eat more than 125 pounds of refined sugar per person per year. (Note that overloading on simple carbohydrates such as sugars also leaves you more susceptible to viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi, allowing them to grow more.

prolifically in your body.) These make you crave more carbs to feed them.

Any excess food, whether it’s protein, carbohydrates, or fat, will be stored as fat when not burned. Overeating, even if it’s healthy food, can cause weight problems. One common reason for being overweight is not eating the appropriate portions of foods to fuel your body correctly.

Finally, a slow metabolism can be caused by thyroid dysfunction, which is usually caused by dietary problems.

Treatments for Obesity and Excess Weight

Diet is the king and exercise is the queen, and without both you can’t feel like royalty. Start with mild exercise like walking. If you start too fast and too hard, you may get discouraged. Getting your weight to the level it belongs is a life ­changing experience, so do it gradually and make it last for the rest of your life. Building muscle burns stored, smooth fat six times faster than fat that just has been ingested. Here are more keys:

Superfoods To Treat Weight(Over)

  • Take a nutrient­dense super­food supplement every day before meals. Some good ingredients for high­nutrient supplements include: Maca, Spirulina, Chlorella, spinach powder, kelp, and bee pollen.
  • Get plenty of omega­3 fatty acids from fish oils or flaxseed oil.
  • Drink lots of pure water and avoid fruit juices that contain corn syrup.
  • Add olive leaf extract, pine bark extract, and dandelion extract to your supplements for better nutrition and immune system health.
  • Exercise regularly, focusing on aerobic movements that make you to sweat

Superfoods To Treat Weight(Over)

The Ultimate Secret of Natural Weight Loss

The first and last secret of natural weight loss can be wrapped up in a single word: nutrition. That’s right, nutrition is the ultimate cure and the ultimate secret to weight management. A lack of proper nutrition can cause everything from low energy and a weak immune system to virtually every disease known to man! Nutrition provides the foundation for every living cell, every organ, and every metabolic chemical in your body. Nutrition provides strength, energy, and vitality while empowering you to fight disease and illness. Most important, it’s the reason we eat in the first place. The lack of proper nutrition is the bottom line reason why we gain weight.

Hunger is more than just a craving to consume food. Hunger is really your body communicating its desire and basic need for vital nutrition! Taste buds are actually nutrient receptors designed to tell you what foods are nutritious and good for you. We are constantly fooling these receptors with sugar, salt, chemical food additives, and artificial flavorings that make nutrient­depleted foods taste good and appear healthy and nutritious. Your body doesn’t want to be FOOLED. Your body wants FUEL. When you eat and fill up on nutritionally deficient food, of course you feel full. But there’s a huge difference between being full and being satisfied. When you eat natural, nutrient­dense foods, you satisfy your body’s need for fuel.

Every day we consume processed garbage food that lacks the vital nutrition our body is screaming for—and what happens? We feel full temporarily, but we have not satisfied our body’s fundamental need for nutrition. As our body struggles to digest what we’ve eaten, it doesn’t find this vital nutrition because IT’S NOT THERE! So we are fundamentally still hungry—hungry for more nutrition. Our bodies tell us we need more nutrients and send the appropriate signals to get more nutrition. We feel hungry again and WE EAT AGAIN!

At the core of every weight loss program should be a diet of super nutrition. With proper food nutrients and an element of control over toxic foods, you can eat small portions and never feel hungry. And if you add plenty of water and exercise, you’ll feel energy like you haven’t felt since childhood. If you consume nutrient­dense, health­forming foods, you won’t be suppressing your appetite, you’ll be satisfying it.

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