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Super Foods to treat Wounds


We all want open­skin wounds to heal as quickly as possible, and keeping healthy overall, getting plenty rest and nutritious foods, avoiding chemicals both internally and externally, and keeping the wound clean and covered will help enhance the wound­healing process.

Each wound goes through a natural healing stage, and no matter how well you treat it, you can expect some tingling, itching, and puffiness in the Inflammation process, blood clotting; and fibrin cross linking, and new collagen and capillary production that produces scarring, and then remodeling, which smoothes the scar into the surrounding skin—all part of the normal healing process.

If you feel heat at the wound site or see that redness is spreading around the wound, it is likely that infection is setting in. It is important to start taking natural antibiotics such as goldenseal internally immediately upon receiving a wound and applying it topically to avoid this.

Superfoods To Treat Wounds


There are many internal and external alternatives to help wounds heal quickly. Of course, when you get a cut, first clean the wound with water (research indicates that hydrogen peroxide actually damages tissue, so many health centers advocate using only water to clear debris from cuts).

  • Plantain is excellent for dressing wounds, as are the pulps from papaya and aloe vera. It’s a good idea to keep aloe vera plants in the home, as it particularly helps sunburn and other minor burns and cuts. Aloe bought from stores does not always perform in tests as does fresh aloe vera. The luscious papaya is a lovely way to treat bee stings and bug bites, as the papain enzymes disintegrate the skin eating poisons. You may also be tempted to eat some of it in the meantime. Papaya is also good for burns, as it moisturizes the skin and prevents scarring.
  • For external aid, apply a topical povidone­iodine cream. It accelerates the healing process and has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects to help ward off infection
  • Additionally, goldenseal has been used as a healing aid for centuries. To make your own therapeutic paste, mix goldenseal powder with a small amount of water. Then put the paste right on the wound and cover it with an adhesive bandage
  •  .You can facilitate wound healing internally by adding vitamin E, zinc, and beta­carotene to your nutritional regimen. Adding vitamin E oil topically to the wound can help prevent scarring.
  • Vitamin C and zinc picolinate are a wonderful one­two punch for healing.
  • Placing turmeric powder directly on bleeding cuts causes the blood to clot almost immediately.
  • Grape­seed extract helps wounds heal more quickly and cleanly. It regenerates blood vessels and clears the bacteria from the area.
  • Raw honey may be the handiest thing around to put on wounds—it is both antibacterial and antiseptic, and has chemical properties that help the skin heal more quickly.

Superfoods To Treat Wounds

Other Considerations

Avoid all sugars, as these allow bacteria such as staph to proliferate. Sugar reduces the immune system response immediately, and provides an acid condition that nourishes bacteria. Smoking cigarettes slows your immune system, and thus wound healing. Also, putting urine directly on wounds may save your life if it is all that is available. Urine is antiseptic and pure, and contains antibodies to fight infectious agents.

Wounds don’t heal as quickly with the condition of hypothyroidism, so taking supplements to raise your metabolism may be indicated if your wounds do not heal in a typical timeframe. Diabetics must pay particular attention to wounds in the legs and feet; people with diabetes often have peripheral nerve damage and not realize they have wounds on their feet and legs until they are badly infected. In addition, these wounds are slow to heal, and can lead to gangrene if they are not treated aggressively.

Superfoods To Treat Wounds

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