Immune Tonic

Boku Immune Tonic was created to help boost a healthy immune system

1) Why take BŌKU® Immune Tonic versus other common immune products out in the market (Emergen-C, Airborne, most mega-dosed vitamin C supplements)?
Although you may feel some benefit, high doses of isolated nutrients can build up in the tissues of the body. Your body then has to spend vital energy detoxifying from the vitamins! BōKU® Immune Tonic supports the body in a unique way. It is gentle, yet powerful at the same time. The organic herbs in BōKU® Immune Tonic have a long history of use keeping people healthy and strong around the world. In addition to BōKU® Super Food, BōKU® Immune Tonic provides a second level of support to synergize your use of nutrient dense foods and positive lifestyle factors.
2) What was your approach to your formula, i.e. why these specific ingredients?
Many herbal formulations that deal with “cold/flu season” use plants that are intended to kill bacteria and viruses. There can be a short term benefit in this. The downside is that by having the herbs kill the bugs, your immune system can become “lazy.” The focus in BōKU® Immune Tonic is to support the immune system and the vitality of the whole body. It utilizes powerful adaptogenic plants that can help the body protect and regulate itself in the face of stress, increase the body’s use of oxygen, boost mood and encourage increased resistance to illness. BōKU® Immune Tonic can be successfully used year round, not just in the winter. Read about the specific ingredients for boosting your immune system.
3) Why liquid drops?
It’s simple, liquid drops are not only convenient but are highly absorbable. BōKU® Immune Tonic is in liquid form so that the ingredients are more bioavailable once they have entered the human body.
4) Does the tonic expire? How long does it last? 
The shelf life of BōKU® Immune Tonic is four years so that it will last through a few flu seasons.
5) Can you get the tonic with a spray rather than a dropper?
Yes. The serving size with the spray is 3 sprays (a half dose) because it atomizes the particles and allows them to be absorbed more quickly.
6) Can children take the BōKU® Immune Tonic?
Yes. The tonic is absolutely alcohol free and contains only healthful herbs in a glycerin base so it is safe for children.
7) Can pregnant women take the BōKU® Immune Tonic?
Based on the ingredients it should be alright, but we do recommend that pregnant or lactating women check with their doctors before taking the product.
8)Is Immune Tonic a vegetarian / vegan product?
Yes. The glycerin used in the tonic is 100% pure kosher coconut glycerin.
9) Is the BōKU® Immune Tonic only good for when you are getting sick?
No. While the tonic does support your immune system, it can be also be used year round to combat fatigue, enhance one’s mood, and to support an overall sense of physical and mental well-being.

To begin supporting your immune system health, try BōKU® Immune Tonic today or contact our Boku Team for more information.