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Is Kombucha A Superfood Or Overhyped Health Elixir?

Kombucha is one of the biggest health trends in recent years. The fermented sweet tea drink is popular because it contains probiotics. But is there more to the story? Is kombucha really the health elixir many people believe it to be?

Keeping Insulin Levels Steady Is The Secret To Sustained Weight Loss. Here's 5 Ways To Do It.

In the $70 billion-plus battle of the bulge, counting calories and weighing food portions are the most common weapons...

The Main Reason Some Probiotic Supplements May Be A Waste of Money

Many people take probiotic supplements in order to improve gut health, which is directly linked to immune system function. But are probiotic supplements effective? They aren't if you're not getting enough of this critical nutrient....

The #1 Reason Most Diets Fail

You'll never believe how many diets the average person tries. It's way more than you think. Why can't people find a diet that works long term. There are many reasons, but the number one reason is that most diets don't teach this critical way to overcome cravings.

Enter The BoKU Super Lean System Weight Loss Contest

  Have you put on some unwanted body weight recently? If so, no biggie. You may be able to get rid of it fast.   For...

Did You Gain The Quarantine 15? You Can Lose It Quickly With The BoKU Super Lean System!

Spending more time at home bored and anxious the last few months? If so, you may have gained the infamous Quarantine 15. With gyms closed around much of the country over the last few months, it’s been harder for many people to have the motivation to exercise at home. But with the BoKU Super Lean System, weight loss and feeling great may be easy to achieve.

Why Minerals Matter, Why Most People Are Deficient And How We Can Easily Get Them In Our Diet

Well-fed but under-nourished. That describes the nutritional state most Americans are living in. Because of processed food and modern farming practices, even the fruits and veggies we eat are deficient in minerals. The most important way to get your daily dose of minerals is by

Could These 5 Uncommon Foods Be The Answer For Supporting Restful Sleep?

You’ve tried it all: sleep meditation apps, a melatonin supplement, powering off your smartphone before bed, chamomile tea and counting sheep. But nothing seems to help you sleep deeply throughout the night. Try these uncommon foods for sleep support before you throw in the towel!

The Easy Way To Chase Rainbows: Teaching Kids The Importance Of Eating A Rainbow Diet

Getting kids to eat a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables (a Rainbow Diet) can be challenging. Here are some ways you can get them to enjoy eating more antioxidant, nutrient-dense rich fruits and veggies. 

Why Vitamin C Is The Rockstar of Antioxidants. (Too Bad Most People Get The Wrong Kind.)

Can we all agree that vitamin C is a superstar antioxidant? But the sad thing about vitamin C is most people get their daily dose of this mega nutrient from artificial C, which the body doesn't absorb nearly as well as full-spectrum real-deal C. Learn which sources of vitamin C are the best for health and which superfood C is the most delicious and potent C on the market.

These Superfoods Stimulate Your Body’s Natural UV Radiation Protection

Can food act as sunscreen? Yes! Certain superfoods have shown in research studies to be able to prevent skin damage from UV light. Some superfoods may also help repair the skin from sunburn. Find out which are the best superfoods for skin protection.

Overcoming The Injustice of Unequal Access To Healthy Foods

The COVID-19 pandemic and protests over deadly police brutality have shined the spotlight on racism and inequality.  One important facet of institutional racism is the lack of access to healthy foods in poor, minority communities. We address what some communities are doing to tackle food injustice.
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