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Super Shrooms

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Used medicinally for thousands of years by traditional cultures all over the world


†Agarikon,†Artist'sConk,†Blazei,†Chaga, †Enoki,†Hiratáke,†Honey Mushroom,†Lion's Mane,†Maitáke,†Mesima,†Poria,†Reishi,†Scarlet Cordyceps,†Shiitáke,†Suehirotáke,†Tremella,†True Tinder Polypore,†Turkey Tail,†Zhu Ling.†= Organic

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Boost your daily smoothies along with our award-winning Superfood and Protein powders, add to savory food dishes, or use a scoop to steep and make tea in 12 ounces of hot water, or add to coffee.


Will they make me high?

No! Boku Super Shrooms may help elevate your mood but they are considered non-psychoactive, meaning they will not make you high.

What’s a specialty mushroom?

Many specialty mushrooms have a history of use dating back thousands of years and are some of the most highly respected ingredients of herbal preparations. In fact, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, reishi is ranked as the most useful of all herbs for its numerous benefits, ranked even higher than ginseng! The mushrooms in BōKU® Super Shrooms™ have numerous properties that help to promote well being by delivering “super-adaptors,” prebiotics, and antioxidants. Although we cannot publish why exactly we love them, there have been many published studies on the benefits of consuming functional super mushrooms. We encourage you to do a little internet research of your own and watch the film; “Fantastic Fungi” to learn about their amazing uses and history!

What mushrooms are found in Super Shrooms™ blend?

Super Shrooms™ is a broad spectrum blend that contains:
Agarikon, Artist’s Conk, Blazei, Chaga, Enoki, Hiratake, Honey Mushroom, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Mesima, Poria, Reishi, Scarlet Cordyceps, Shiitake, Suehirotake, Tremella, True Tinder Polypore, Turkey Tail, Zhu Ling

Where do you gather the original spores?

Wild Specimens

What are Super Shrooms grown in?

Our mushrooms are grown in organic brown rice.

What exactly are Super Shrooms and what makes them so super?

Super Shrooms™ is a doctor-formulated blend of 20 ancient, specialty mushrooms. Each individual mushroom has specific beneficial characteristics that may be synergistically complimented when combined with others.

How do I take Boku Super Shrooms?

Use them as a boost added to any other Boku powder. You can also make hot tea, soup or mix them with other food. They are delicious and versatile. Have fun but get them in your body!

What is the consistency of Super Shrooms?

Super Shrooms™ have the consistency of a fine powder; perfect for sprinkling, dashing or brewing.

Are Super Shrooms™ Organic like all other Boku products?

Absolutely! They are certified organic as well as kosher. Our mushrooms are grown organically by a United States farmer who keeps it clean – NO excipients, granulating agents, fillers, preservatives, or sulfiting agents.

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Les poudres Boku sont créées avec les superaliments les plus purs au monde pour déclencher la transformation et maintenir les résultats.

Nous croyons qu'il faut connaître vos agriculteurs, connecter avec votre nourriture et honorer les plantes comme médicaments. En savoir plus sur chaque ingrédient biologique et issu de l'agriculture durable ici.

Vegan Kosher Gluten Free Boku Superfood Smoothie

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Fais le pour toi. Faites-le pour la communauté. Faites-le pour la planète.

On estime qu'environ 60 % des déchets dans le monde proviennent de la nourriture jetée.

En choisissant Boku, vous consommez "l'avenir de la nourriture" et réduisez directement la quantité de déchets alimentaires sur cette planète.

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Customer Reviews

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Terri Scheid

Love all the products- Have Refered at least ten people to the company.

That says it all!

Ginger Martin
Needs flavor

I appreciate that it has 20 mushrooms blended, but it really would be better with some type of flavor. Other than that it’s a good product. Dissolves well in water and has lots of health benefits.


Very happy to see a powder with so many mushrooms great spectrum and that's what it takes to be healthy is not one or two great food but many great foods and that's what makes a superfood it called synergy

Brian Robertson
Please, No More Plastic Scoops.

I love the product. If you would please NOT include plastic scoops with each order, you would be doing us all a service.
Enough PLASTIC! If a customer would like a plastic scoop, let them simply request one.

martine Bracke
Very easy