Discover BōKU® Organic Superfood

What is a Super Food?

A Super Food is a plant-based food known to deliver extraordinary nutritional potency and health forming benefits. BōKU® specializes in the most amazing fruits, vegetables, roots, sprouts, mushrooms and more, that have been revered in cultures all over the world for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years. These pristine foods are harvested fresh...

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The BōKU® Story

BōKU® International, Inc., is a family owned, globally celebrated health and well-being company that focuses on vibrant, sustainable wellness for our body, our community, and our planet. We discovered superfoods back in 1995 while searching for an alternative to prescription drugs to help our son, who was struggling with a focus and behavioral disorder.

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Kyle Kuzma

What people are saying about BōKU:

BōKU® Super Protein is amazing! Like nothing I’ve ever experienced.


I’m LOVING my new BōKU® SuperFood protein. Spent two weeks researching different brands and happily chose the best out there!


I am pleased with results from Super Fiber it was gentle and effective reduces bloating, improves energy and regularity. 

Ken L.

This tea is amazing! The clarity and focus I experience is so beneficial when I’m at work.