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What is a Super Food?

What is a Super Food?

A Super Food is a plant-based food known to deliver extraordinary nutritional potency and health forming benefits. BōKU® specializes in the most amazing fruits, vegetables, roots, sprouts, mushrooms and more, that have been revered in cultures all over the world for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years. These pristine foods are harvested fresh, dried at low temperature and powdered, locking in their incredible, concentrated potency.  They are then blended according to our proprietary formulations.  All you do is add the liquid back that was removed in the drying process and enjoy a tidal wave of delicious, immune building human fuel!

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The BōKU® Story

The BōKU® Story

BōKU® International, Inc., is a family owned, globally celebrated health and well-being company that focuses on vibrant, sustainable wellness for our body, our community, and our planet. We discovered superfoods back in 1995 while searching for an alternative to prescription drugs to help our son, who was struggling with a focus and behavioral disorder.

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Our Mission

To share Mother Nature's purest and most potent superfood secrets, feed inner peace and LOVE LIFE. 

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What are people saying about our organic superfood:

BõKU® Super Protein is amazing! Like nothing I’ve ever experienced.


I’m LOVING my new BōKU® SuperFood protein. Spent two weeks researching different brands and happily chose the best out there!


This tea is amazing! The clarity and focus I experience is so beneficial when I’m at work. 


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Superfood Pesto
Superfood Pesto
Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo
Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo
Super Falafels in Pita
Super Falafels in Pita
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Super Fuel

Sweet Matcha

Super Matcha Green Tea

Super Maca

Super Food "OG"

Super Food Essentials- Family

Original Super Protein

Chocolate Organic Vegan Protein

Vanilla Organic Vegan Protein

Super Berries- 10 Organic

Bug Off Spray

Immune Candle- coconut wax

Super Food Recipe Book

The TurDle

The World's Most Priceless Health Secrets: A-Z Guide Of Natural Remedies

E-BOOK: The World’s Most Priceless Health Secrets: A-Z Guide Of Natural Remedies

Super Food Essentials- Family

Sweet Berries- 10 organic

Hot Coco Love- Vegan

BōKU Superfood "OG" Complete Meal Kit

Superfood BōKU Complete Meal + Energy & Recovery Kit

BōKU Superfood Complete Meal Kit

Mouth & Smile Kit

3 Pack Trial Super Food Essentials

Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set

SMILE + Probiotics

MOUTH + Probiotics

Cacao Nibs

Omega Trail Mix

Golden Berries

Toasted Coconut Chips

Harvest Cranberries

Super Shrooms

Immune Tonic Spray

Seasonal 5 Soap BUNDLE

Berry Blast- Antioxidant Soap

Jamaican Me Clean-Uplifting Tropical Soap

Creamy Coconut- Ultra Moisturizing Soap

Get Grounded- Exfoliating Coffee & Cream Soap

Daily Detox- Feat. Activated Charcoal

Strawberries & Cream Soap

Lavender, Calendula & Chamomile Soap

Lemon Oil Seed Soap

Oatmeal, Coconut & Honey Soap

Sweet Matcha- Energizing Green Tea Soap