Pourquoi vous allez l' adorer

Augmenter l'énergie

Le cacao ancien, les champignons adaptogènes et le thé vert s'associent pour stimuler l'énergie naturellement

Élever l'humeur

Contient des superaliments connus pour stimuler le sentiment de bien-être

Réduire le stress

Les adaptogènes de cette formule vous aident à vous "adapter" à tous les facteurs de stress internes et externes

Augmenter la récupération

Les adaptogènes aident votre corps à récupérer plus rapidement de la salle de sport, d'un entraînement ou de toute autre chose, afin que vous puissiez reprendre ce que vous aimez faire !

Se concentrer

Les superaliments puissants contenus dans ce mélange, tels que le matcha, le cacao et les champignons adaptogènes, ont été associés à la concentration et à la clarté mentale


BōKU®Super Adaptors(†PremiumMaca Root,†Goji Berry Juice,†Full Spectrum Reishi,†MatchaGreen Tea),†VermontMaple Syrup (dehydrated),†FairTrade Cocoa,†MarshmallowRoot,†FineVanilla Bean,†RedDulse, Celtic Sea Salt

Comment profiter

Il existe de nombreuses façons de profiter de Super Fuel !

Comme un remontant matinal dans de l'eau chaude

Dans un smoothie

Comme un pré -boisson d'entraînement

Comme un coup de pouce l'après-midi dans de l'eau chaude ou froide

Mélangé à des produits de boulangerie


What about Super Fuel makes it an adaptogenic formula?

Boku Super Fuel contains generous quantities of plant-based superfoods that have been traditionally considered “adaptogens” in botanical science. These plants include: Cacao, Maca, Reishi, Matcha and Goji Berry. Many of these ingredients are conditioned to naturally adapt to stressful environmental conditions and experts believe they share these qualities with humans when consumed.

What is Boku Super Fuel?

Boku Super Fuel is a chocolatey and delicious, doctor formulated blend of adaptogenic superfoods designed to naturally enhance human performance and recovery.

When is the best time to take Super Fuel?

A half hour before any intense athletic activity, and/or right after working out, are great times for Super Fuel. Early in the morning is an amazing way to start your day. Your work life can really benefit from taking Super Fuel, to help keep you focused and creative. It’s usually best to skip Super Fuel in the evening, because of the increased energy and vitality. An exception would be a special evening with that certain someone or before a long night of celebration.

I’m not an athlete, I have a 9-5 desk job – can I benefit from taking it?

Absolutely. The super adaptors found in Super Fuel not only give you a physical lift, they give you a mental lift as well. Start your day with a newfound vitality and zest by enjoying a boost of Boku Super Fuel!

Is the Maca in Super Fuel safe to take while breastfeeding?

While there should be no reason not to take Maca while breastfeeding, we cannot give medical advice and encourage you to consult your health care professional before doing so. We also encourage investigating online for information about the historical uses of Maca as it pertains to breast feeding and milk production.

Is BōKU Super Fuel considered a pre-workout? How should I use it for best results?

BōKU Super Fuel will help pre and post workout. Many people have told us they enjoy using one serving of Super Fuel before a workout and one serving after for overall support and recovery. Also great before any strenuous or stressful activity, long day at work or even long drives.

How often can I take it?

It’s always good to mix up your diet and food consumption every so often. This prevents the body from becoming used to particular ingredients and undermining maximum benefit. A few times a week is sufficient for many people because of the potency of BōKU Super Fuel. Those who workout to extreme levels could use BōKU Super Fuel every day during training, competition, and recovery. You can also adjust your dosage. Substantial benefit can be derived from servings of only 10 grams (1 small scoop or tablespoon), or less.

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Pouvoir(d)er au peuple

Les poudres Boku sont créées avec les superaliments les plus purs au monde pour déclencher la transformation et maintenir les résultats.

Nous croyons qu'il faut connaître vos agriculteurs, connecter avec votre nourriture et honorer les plantes comme médicaments. En savoir plus sur chaque ingrédient biologique et issu de l'agriculture durable ici.

Vegan Kosher Gluten Free Boku Superfood Smoothie

Aliments à base de plan(e)t

Fais le pour toi. Faites-le pour la communauté. Faites-le pour la planète.

On estime qu'environ 60 % des déchets dans le monde proviennent de la nourriture jetée.

En choisissant Boku, vous consommez "l'avenir de la nourriture" et réduisez directement la quantité de déchets alimentaires sur cette planète.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Michele Graglia
My secret weapon [as a world record runner]

Boku Super Fuel is my secret weapon. It allows me to train at the highest level and pursue my passion.

Review video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_kKfVnx_Ro

Nancy Simon
Safe energy boosting support

My family uses Super Fuel before and after our athletic activities. We add it to our Boku protein powders. We do not want to be without it!

SS Los Angeles
Love this product

I am so keen on Boku products, they are clean taste really great. This product delivers!

De Ivett
SuperFuel super charged my day!

I drank a super fuel smoothie before heading inland on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I hiked through the jungle to head up to a beautiful 100 ft waterfall and never once. missed a beat! I had energy to burn! And the chocolaty taste is so rich and delicious. I highly recommend SuperFuel to kick off your day.

Peter Rozsa

Love my superfoods, I know the Healthy nutrition that I'm getting in each Shake and it's easier for my body to absorb and Digest which is really important to me.