The BōKU® Story

Our Mission

To share Mother Nature's purest and most potent superfood secrets, feed inner peace and LOVE LIFE.

BōKU means to “LOVE LIFE” and we infuse this principle into the creation of each of our gourmet Super Foods and nature-inspired lifestyle products. We gather Mother Nature’s best offerings from around the world and bring them to you. We lovingly blend ancestral secrets handed down by generations. We are committed to selecting the most bioavailable plant based nutrients on the planet. We carefully source our ingredients from the global farming community. We are very committed to the health of the planet and we only work with farmers and farms that share our goal of making the world a better place. We blend each of our products with LOVE in our facility, and we take care to hand-pack your order, which is then delivered to your home or office. We believe in honoring our families. We believe in being globally conscious to sustain our lives, our communities, our environment, and our planet. We are grateful to share a special product line with you that has helped us to live vibrantly and to thrive. Our family are your family and OUR aim is to welcome you to join the BōKU family.

Our Story

BōKU® International, Inc., is a family owned, globally celebrated health and well-being company that focuses on vibrant, sustainable wellness for our body, our community, and our planet. We discovered superfoods back in 1995 while searching for an alternative to prescription drugs to help our son, who was having trouble focusing in school. The results we experienced were incredible and ignited a passion within us to explore learn more and share! All of our gourmet products are Dr. formulated, 100% certified organic, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free, with love for our family and customers blended into every package. We “shake the hands that farm the lands” and travel the globe to source the most sublime ingredients for every product we create. Please visit our world headquarters in beautiful Ojai or come see us at an event and join us in our mission to #Feed Inner Peace and #Love Life!

The BōKU® Family

Lynn Rolle

Co-Founder, CEO

Loves her dogs Rasta & Ziggy and is happy to be working with her immediate and extended family at BōKU. Lynn Rollé is a prolific entrepreneur, mother of two beautiful children, and a veteran executive for over 20 years. Now, as the Co-founder and CEO of BōKU® International, she’s finally found a career she loves dearly and believes in wholeheartedly.

Reno Rolle


Reno Rollé has left an indelible mark on many industries: film, entertainment marketing, publishing, home shopping, and product development. His work in these fields has resulted in historical successes and led to iconic creations including the Spin Fryer, the Rollé Beach Blanket, and others.

Ryann Rolle 

Co-Founder, COO

College student (Business Degree)
Gifted Pop & Opera singer

Reno Rolle Jr.

Co-Founder, Director Of Business Development, Co-Formulator

College Graduate (Plant-Based Food Degree)
Certified in Brewing Science