Boku Superfood

We start with love…

A love for our planet, people, animals, community, health, and collective wellness.

There is a story in the farming world about how when you talk to plants, they begin to grow. They can even begin to heal from disease and lack of nourishment just from the vibrations of a caring voice. We know our farmers and the love they infuse into every plant grown and harvested. We package every bag of superfood and oversee the formulation of every lifestyle product.

Every product we create is first used by our family, as we would only give to the world what we use ourselves.

We go above and beyond with the quality of our products. We know the efficacy is unmatched. Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in every aspect of our business.

But what truly sets us apart? The way we love… every customer becomes part of our family and encourages us to continue on our mission to spread superfood nourishment far and wide.


Organic, often biodynamically farmed produce. Holds more nutrition than its conventional counterpart. We will never scale back on the way we source and provide nourishment.



American professional
basketball player


2011 World’s Toughest
Mudder (Female Winner)


Our customers are incredible people with active lives. We ensure that our products are easy to use and don’t take up too much of your time. A scoop in water, shake and drink up.

Just this simple ritual can enhance your daily self-care regimen.

Ancient traditions + modern science allow us to create products that truly help you thrive.

We aim to create superfoods and lifestyle products that really work for your body, mind, and spirit.


Naturopathic Medical Doctor and expert
in detoxification and rejuvenation

We work with an amazing doctor, Dr. BJ Adrezin, to formulate BōKU® Superfoods.

He is a renowned Naturopathic Medical Doctor and expert in detoxification and rejuvenation.

He is also known for using nutritional, botanical, and homeopathic medicines to enhance “beauty” and “wellness.”

Every step we take in the formulation of our products is based on creating
maximum efficacy.


As a growing company, we always hold our core values close to our hearts.