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Boku Superfood Products are plant-based, vegan, kosher and certified organic. Our award-winning, nutrient-dense foods are made from the world's most powerful, potent plants, and are formulated by Naturopathic Medical Doctors and leading minds in the superfood space. They are expertly-designed to assist you in naturally improving your immunity, detoxifying your body, and enhancing your energy levels.

Earth-conscious, functional wellness blends

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From our organic meal replacement to our plant-based daily cleanse, find what you need to optimize all functions of your body

The Super Shake has super healthy, organic ingredients! My new Natural Health Nutritionist Advises me to use it every day! I love to take it on vacations or on the go with almond/coconut milk in the Boku shaker.

Barbara D., Verified Purchase

I’ve never experienced a nutritional product that has made such a difference in the way I feel so quickly. This is good stuff.

John, Verified Purchase

The Super Shake is helping me towards my goal of consuming quality food more often. Overall it's the most nutritionally excellent vegan meal replacement mix I've ever found.

Phill, Verified Purchase

I have been drinking my BokU every morning for two months. I am amazed how much better I feel and I also have increased energy. It has done wonders for my digestion too!

Terri, Verified Purchase

If you haven’t tried Boku yet you don’t know what you’re missing. The products I’ve used are exceptional. You will not be disappointed.

Anni, Verified Purchase

...with my use of Boku Super Fiber+ Cleanse I have experienced unexpected benefits and can’t tell you how much happiness I feel. Please don’t stop keeping us happier and healthier with Boku.

Jean, Verified Purchase


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It is estimated that about 40% of the food in the US is wasted & ends up in a landfill, let's change that together.

Boku Superfood
Boku Superfood


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