About Us

Pronounced “BŌH–KOO”it means to ‘love life’

Love your life with us the BoKU way!

We never dreamed that our quest to be the best parents possible would lead us to become leaders in the emerging superfood industry.



Our Story

Our story, like most, is wrapped up in layers — chapters of upheaval and chapters of astonishing beauty. In 1995 my husband and I discovered superfoods while searching for natural solutions to help our children become the best possible versions of themselves. Our kitchen became a bit of an experimental lab full of superfood concoctions. We found the most potent foods on Earth, but it turned out a lot of them were very bitter and not great tasting. This is how Boku was born, to create broad-spectrum superfood blends that not only fueled and nourished the body but tasted delicious. The changes we saw occur in our children and ourselves, ignited a passion in us to learn and explore.


We fell into the world of plants and all the secret medicines our Earth had to offer. It led us on adventures around the world, meeting incredible people who were producing potent superfood ingredients from the most pristine, mineral rich soils on earth.

It was through this journey that we unlocked perhaps the most powerful aspect of what we do. We began to realize that our process of gently drying this precious food after harvesting, was extending the shelf life of these ingredients from mere days – to years! It’s estimated that 60% or more of fresh produce cultivated in North America is wasted! Consider the environmental impact of this inefficiency. Wasted water, time, energy and money as consumers are left to pay artificially high prices, to off-set this ridiculous loss. The current system of industrialized farming is destroying our planet while failing the hard-working people simply trying to feed and nourish their families.

At Boku, we use nearly 100% of the food we grow. The bruised, scratched, and “ugly” ones are as beautiful and nutritious to us, as the flawless “pretty” ones. While experts point to what we do as the future of food, we will continue to honor the traditions of our farmers that date back thousands of years.


Our #1 goal is to share these natural gifts with as many people as possible while healing our beautiful planet.

Thank you for being part of it all.