8 Tips on How to Take a Great Photo EVERY Time!

8 Tips on How to Take a Great Photo EVERY Time!

The holiday season is fast approaching and for some that means it’s time for the annual family Christmas card photo and for others that means ‘picture taking galore’ month (hello, flood of extra photos on social media)! That means those around you are bound to pull out their camera, or more likely, their cell phone to capture the moment. Here are some tips on how to take a great photo every time! These tips will help your photos look great (and maybe even get you some more ‘likes’)!

1. Relax

The most important tip of all: RELAX. No one wants deer in headlight photos all over social media. By relaxing, your photos will look more natural and will result in a better image overall. Relaxing is a must when taking photos, because you don’t want to come out looking tense or uncomfortable. Before the count to 3 make sure to take a deep breath….then SMILE!

2. Angle Your Body

There are good angles and bad angles when it comes to taking a photo. Make sure you know whether your left or right side looks best. You can do this by practicing in front of a mirror for your best angle. When taking a photo, angle your body rather than facing the camera head on. Facing the camera head on can make you look wider or larger.

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3. Pose

Don’t know how to strike a pose? It’s easy! Next time you take a photo place one hand on your hip. This well-known hand on the hip pose is a go-to pose for celebrities. It makes you look slimmer by creating a space for your arms away from your body. No wonder celebrities are striking this pose on the red carpet!

4. Turn off Flash

You don’t always need flash. Flash results in harsh shadows and creates red eye. In most situations, there is plenty of good light available. If you do need flash, make sure that it is bouncing off the wall or ceiling. Doing so will spread the light evenly and won’t leave your forehead looking shiny.

5. Lighting

When it comes to lighting, natural lighting is best. Do not take photos in direct sunlight, shooting in direct sunlight can lead to photos with high contrast and the colors can come out overly saturated. Either move into the shade or position yourself in front of the sun. Can’t get outside? If you’re taking a photo indoors, try to take it next to the window for natural indoor lighting. Indoor house lighting can make you look yellow or orange.

6. Good Posture

Ever hear your mom tell you not to slouch? Mother knows best, because slouching in photos is unflattering, standing up straight really does make a difference. When taking a photo make sure you are standing straight and shoulders are back. By having good posture, you will look your best in photos. Good posture shows your confidence and strength!

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7. Facial Expression

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, so are facial expressions. Make sure to smile in photos, but no forced or fake smiles! Always smile with your whole face, not just your mouth, your eyes will give you away that you are faking it. Smiling shows your true happiness, it’s what makes a photo look genuine and real.

8. The Tongue Trick

A popular trick that celebrities use to take photos is placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth when you smile. It might feel weird at first, but this trick works! It gives you a natural smile and elongates your neck and jawline! If you are one to over smile in photos this trick is for you.

We hope you enjoy these photo tips throughout the holidays and look forward to seeing your shining faces on social media!