Breathe Fresh AIR: A Natural Alternative To Toxic Household Disinfectants and Deodorizers

Breathe Fresh AIR: A Natural Alternative To Toxic Household Disinfectants and Deodorizers

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, I was a little Covid crazy. In March and April, little about the virus was understood, and in an effort to protect myself and my two-year-old daughter, Skyla, I was disinfecting not only my home, but anything that risked becoming a source of contamination by other people. The mailbox, the doorbell, door knobs, delivery packages, shopping cart handlebars, food bags, to go containers … get the picture? I had Covid disinfectant obsessive compulsive disorder (unofficially: DOCD).  

Although my DOCD has thankfully subsided (not to say that I’m not still concerned or careless about Covid), I still want to maintain a home, office, and car free of disease-causing germs. I’m not a germaphobe by any means. I know that exposure to microorganisms is vital for gut health, and by extension, a healthy immune system. But make no mistake about it: there are certain germs to which I’d rather not risk myself or my daughter being exposed. 

But when it comes to maintaining a sweet-smelling home free of potential pathogenic airborne microorganisms, the majority of disinfectants and room sprays on the market are toxic. 

Thankfully, a 15th century European legend was the inspiration that inspired my parents and I to have developed for us a safe and effective natural room spray and disinfectant. I’ll tell you about the fascinating tale shortly and the natural solution we use everyday in our home and when we have to travel for business.

First, though, it’s important that you understand the dark side of using conventional air fresheners and disinfectants.


A Gumbo Of Toxic Chemicals 


The word suggests a harmless, uplifting ingredient that improves the aroma of a certain product. 

But the truth about fragrance is that just a single one may actually contain a mixture of hundreds of synthetic chemicals, some of which are known to harm human health. The chemicals in fake scents create hazardous secondary pollutants. One such toxin created by artificial fragrance is formaldehyde, which among other purposes, is used in the embalming process in mortuaries.   

Artificial fragrances are still pervasive in many household cleaners, despite being linked to reproductive and developmental problems. 

And when it comes to air fresheners, a report by the University of Washington concludes that many brands of air fresheners contain more than 20 different compounds that may be hazardous to human health. In fact, seven of them are regulated as toxic or hazardous under federal laws. 

Unfortunately, household products aren’t required to list “fragrance” and other toxic chemicals on ingredient labels. 

The Medieval Solution For A Natural Household Germ Killer & Air Freshener

Think the coronavirus pandemic is bad? Well, it is. But in the 15th century, a flea-born bacteria called Yersinia pestis killed tens of millions of people across Europe. Known by survivors as “The Great Pestilence” the epidemic, which wiped out anywhere from 30% to 50% of the continent’s population, is better known as “The Black Death” or “Black Plague” or “bubonic plague”. 

But one legend from this epoch credits five plants for helping people survive the plague. 

The folk medicine was called “the robber’s oil,” named after four thieves who ransacked the homes of the sick and dying, without any of the four ever contracting the fatal, dreaded disease. 

Karma eventually caught up with the thieves, however. After being captured, the thieves were bought before a judge in France. The robbers faced certain capital punishment: being burned alive at the stakes. But the judge, intrigued by the thieves’ ability to evade illness, offered a more lenient sentence, albeit an equally lethal one. In exchange for the prospect of death by hanging, the men would divulge their immunity secret.  

Legend has it that the four men were employed as spice and perfume merchants. With expert knowledge of botanicals, the thieves prepared a recipe that when applied to their bodies and clothing, kept them safe from infection.

As news spread of the formula the robbers used, doctors across Europe who treated Black Death victims applied the formula to the gothic, infamous, Venice carnivale, beak-like masks, which were stuffed with cloths containing this special blend of oils. 

The Robbers Oil Formula Inspires “AIR” 

The ancient blend the robbers used, legend has it, contains aromatic oils from Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. Using aromatic oils from plants dates back at least 7,000 years, when Egyptians used them for medicinal and cosmetic applications. In modern times, the advent of steam distillation technology, has created a renaissance of using aromatic plant oils for therapeutic purposes. Of course, today, we know therapeutic botanicals as essential oils, because they contain the healing “essence” of the plants. 

Over the years, the legend of the robber’s oil has spawned a variety of different essential oil formulas for immunity, air purification, and mood enhancement. Many  research studies show that essential oils are safe and effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral natural ingredients. 

In paying homage to the Robber’s Oil legend, we have created AIR, a natural air freshener and disinfectant with our own proprietary blend of functional, essential oils that can provide a natural alternative to many of the chemical-filled & toxic bacteria fighting products on the market today!


Safe For The Planet, Pets And Your Family

Some household products with essential oils contain diluted oils and synthetic chemicals. Because we are passionate about natural health and refuse to compromise on our ideals, BōKU AIR contains 100% pure essential oils with no synthetic preservatives, no perfumes or fragrances, no parabens and no phthalates. When we formulate our products, each ingredient must pass “THE SKYLA TEST”. 

Like I said earlier, Skyla is my two-year-old precious daughter. If any ingredient has even the slightest potential of adversely affecting the health of my Skyla, it won’t be included. With the safety in mind of our family, we create superfood products and personal care items with the safety in mind of your family. As we like to say, from our family to yours, Merci BōKU!


BōKU Air has is an incredible, functional fragrance with top notes of eucalyptus and fir, softly balanced by cedarwood, then finishing with elegant notes of rosemary and peppermint. Like a luxurious Spa version of the Vapor rubs many of us remember growing up with. Order it here