How we almost went corporate and why we're glad we didn't!

How we almost went corporate and why we're glad we didn't!

As we round the bend to a new decade, all of us at Bōku wanted to express our immense gratitude for the incredible blessings we received in 2019 and the overwhelming excitement we feel for 2020 and beyond!  

In the past year, we have gained nearly 500 new investors through StartEngine.  We also attracted an NBA Super-Star and forged strategic alliances with some of the world's most respected brands.  

As some of you may know, the primary reason we joined StartEngine was to help us recover from a partnership gone wrong with a very large, publicly-traded company.  We elected to walk away from a huge deal, in order to remain true to the values and principles we hold so dear. We could have taken the easy road, which might have lined our pockets handsomely, but at the cost of the quality we have worked so hard to establish and maintain. Looking back, I realize that this took enormous courage. While I knew it would be difficult, I never realized it would be quite as difficult as it has been to fully recover.  I'm enormously proud of my family and our entire Bōku team who stepped up and stood strong.  Especially my wife Lynn, who has endured so much and proven once again that her integrity, leadership, strength, and love for our customers is absolutely unrivaled.  

When we started our company nearly 14 years ago, we made a commitment to providing the world's finest superfood products and customer experiences.  We knew first hand that these superfoods had enormous potential to make a positive difference in people's health and well-being. We took the responsibility to share these natural gifts very seriously and vowed to never compromise our quality standards.  It hasn't always been easy, but we believed then - and now more than ever, that these guiding principles would one day position Boku as the world's #1 superfood brand. 

We understand that the hardest work is still ahead of us as a very exciting opportunity appears to be unfolding for Bōku.  Now, thanks to you and our growing family of loyal Boku customers, we are arguably better equipped than ever, for what lies ahead. 

If you have already invested in Bōku, much thanks and please consider increasing your stake while the current terms remain in place. Please also share our campaign with friends and family who might align with our cause and want to own a stake in Bōku.  

If you have not yet invested in Bōku, it's not too late!  In fact, now is a great time to get onboard!  Visit our campaign page and click the Invest Now button to stake your claim in America's #1 Family-Owned Superfood Company. Together we can make a world of difference - one scoop at a time!


Wishing you the very best of Health, Happiness, and Abundance in the New Year!

Reno Sr., Lynn, Reno Jr., Ryann and all of us at Team Bōku!