Take Care Of Your Mouth … It’s The Window To Your Body!

Take Care Of Your Mouth … It’s The Window To Your Body!

If you’re having trouble sleeping, try reading The Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (JOMP). You’ll likely drift off to sleep before the first sentence is over. But one article in the peer-reviewed publication leads with the following statement that anybody interested in natural health will find captivating: “The oral cavity might well be thought of as the window to the body.” 

Nearly every natural health article these days focuses on immunity (for good reason). But oral health is a widely-overlooked spoke in the holistic wheel of natural health and immunity. 

That’s because according to research such as the JOMP article, the oral cavity can be the source of infectious and inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Which is why the oral cavity isn’t just a window to the body, it’s also an opportunistic open door for many systemic diseases, suggest the co-authors of the JOMP research.

Focal Infections The Focus Of Oral Health

A focal infection is when an overgrowth of potentially-harmful bacteria are localized in one region like a tooth or the gums. The bacteria can then spread to some other organ or structure of the body. This concept is not new. More than a century ago, the concept of ‘focal infection’ was proposed by one Dr. William Hunter in 1910. Hunter theorized  that a diseased mouth could contribute to diseases such as anaemia, gastritis, colitis and so on. 

Oral Health For Blood Sugar Control

Within the last decade or so, research shows that diabetes increases the risk of periodontal disease. What’s interesting is that evidence suggests that getting therapy that supports the teeth and the structures around it (periodontal therapy) may improve diabetes by stabilizing the blood sugar levels.

Oral Health For Heart Health

And when harmful bacteria migrates away from the oral cavity, these microscopic monsters can hitch rides to the heart and brain. Studies show that increased incidence of coronary heart disease and stroke are linked to periodontal bone loss. 

Atherosclerosis is the build-up of fats, cholesterol and other substances in and on the walls of the arteries. Infections in the mouth can cause blood flow to become stagnant in the blood vessels. “It is becoming increasingly clear that infections and chronic inflammatory conditions such as periodontitis may influence the atherosclerotic process,” write the JOMP article co-authors. In other words, unhealthy teeth and gums equals a recipe for a heart attack or stroke.

Oral Health For Brain Function

If you want your brain to be sharp well into old age, you better take care of your mouth. A review of 23 studies published in Gerontology “Provides evidence of an association between learning and memory, complex attention, and executive function with oral health in old age.”

Oral Health For Lung Support

Research has linked breathing oral bacterial pathogens to pneumonia in the elderly who live in nursing homes. “In light of the clear association between periodontal disease and pneumonia in health-compromised seniors in intensive and long-term care, high-risk seniors should have access to oral health services (including oral health promotion, disease prevention- and treatment),” reads the JOMP study. Never has this assertion been more true in 2020!

The Best Natural Oral Health Products On The Market

So how’s your teeth brushing and flossing regimen going? After reading these facts, are you motivated to never take a night off from brushing, flossing and mouthwash? In fact, you should probably do all three after each meal. 

The problem with oral health is that conventional products are loaded with harmful toxic chemicals, they don’t work as promised and the ritual is just not exciting. 


After a long stressful day we can’t wait to slip into bed with a good book or watch a show. When you’re tired, taking even just a few minutes to take care of your oral health seems like a chore instead of a pleasure. Furthermore, most natural toothpastes on the market fail to leave teeth feeling squeaky clean, minty-fresh and whiter. 

But thanks to our improved MOUTH & SMILE the oral care experience elevates to one of joy and bliss. 

SMILE BITES is a baking-soda based tooth powder. Bite into the mini tablet, open up, and bring your toothbrush to the party. You’ll soon be saying, “ahhhh.” The bubbly, fizzy tooth powder contains bone-building minerals for your teeth, harmful-bacteria-slaying probiotics and oils of peppermint, spearmint, anise, frankincense and myrrh. SMILE BITES comes in original and non-staining activated coconut charcoal. 

“I so appreciate this fantastic natural product! I currently do not have dental coverage, but this toothpaste keeps my mouth healthy, with the probiotics, and my teeth are clean and stain free. I'm so glad I tried it and now I don't want to be without it, so I have it on auto order!” - Real SMILE Customer Review

MOUTH is the world’s first spitless mouthwash. Pump a couple squirts into your mouth and a delightful sensation of minty sweetness envelops your mouth. (The sweet taste is thanks to sugar free monk fruit extract.) 

Like SMILE BITES, MOUTH spitless mouthwash is a hostile environment for bad bacteria. It contains Vitamin C, which has been shown in research studies to reduce bleeding in the gums. MOUTH also contains probiotics, free-radical killing vitamin E, silica for healthy teeth matrix, olive oil, peppermint, spearmint and menthol. 


The spitless mouthwash is the best. It's very refreshing and packs a real burst of mint. I like it because it's so convenient and lasts forever because you only need a little bit. Very good product. — Real Mouth Customer Review

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