Superfoods For Your NOSE? If You Want To Breathe Easier, YES!

Superfoods For Your NOSE? If You Want To Breathe Easier, YES!

Of the five senses (taste, sight, feel, hearing and scent), which one is assaulted 24/7? 

If your spouse is a terrible cook, perhaps it’s your sense of taste. But for most people, it’s the scent, or more specifically, the naso-pharangyeal passageway, that’s always under attack. 

Even during sleep, your nose never gets a break. It’s always active, helping to oxygenate your lungs and expelling carbon dioxide. Your nose is your one organ that’s in constant, direct contact with environmental assaults, both inside your home (dust, dander) and out (pollutants, viruses, bacteria and fungus). 

Because there’s more pollutants in the environment than ever before, it’s no wonder 37 million Americans suffer from at least one episode of sinus inflammation each year. [SOURCE]

In light of environmental assaults from allergens as well as pathogenic microorganisms, should we be walking around all day and sleeping all night with plugs stuffed up our noses? 

Of course not. 

The good news is, thanks to the amazing formulating team behind our Superfood Powders and organic personal/home products, there’s an easy way to breathe easier….

Fight Sinus Irritation Naturally With NOSE

For thousands of years, the ancient Indian medical system, Ayurveda, has offered a practical solution to sinus irritation. It’s a tradition called nasya. And as more people in the West become aware of the side effects of repeated antibiotic usage for sinus issues, perhaps the tradition of administering herbal oils up the nostrils will catch on here…

Until then, you can be one of the first people to try a product rooted in Ayurvedic nasya tradition, fused with 21st century convenience: NOSE 

Available as a standalone product or in our Immunity Kit, NOSE is backed by clinical research.

Studies on the practice of nasya (like this one) as well as the individual ingredients in our unique formulation support the use of daily nasal irrigation to reduce the severity of symptoms associated with sinus inflammation

In Ayurvedic medicine, a professional herbalist or traditional doctor administers nasya as a remedy. But with NOSE, you can use it every day as a nasal lubricant to prevent dry, irritated, inflamed sinuses—without needing to go see a doctor. And if it’s your immune system you’re looking to support, NOSE includes 5 essential oils plus a probiotic, all of which have demonstrated antimicrobial properties in research studies. (See ingredients below.)

NOSE: The Door To Your Consciousness

It doesn’t take a master herbalist to know that if you can’t breathe well, you can’t think well. Your head feels like it weighs a ton. It’s tough being in lotus position, contemplating your navel and your connection with the divine when you’re stuffed up. In Ayurveda, the nose is considered the door to your consciousness. So if you want to expand your mind and be able to breathe deeply, consider a daily nasya practice. 

NOSE makes it simple to do. Simply open the bottle, take out the dropper, squeeze 2-3 drops on your pinkie finger and lubricate the inside of your nostrils. Do this first thing in the morning and before bed. It takes only 10 seconds or so to lubricate your nasal passageway. But the benefits last all day and night. 

NOSE nasal lubricant. Welcome back to breathing deeply!

Modern research supports this ancient practice. According to the journal, Ancient Science of Life, recent trends in modern science are emphasizing the use of herbs intra-nasally, as the nasal mucosa constitutes the only site in the body that provides a direct connection between the central nervous system and the atmosphere. 

Superfoods for your Nose: 8 All-Natural Ingredients That May Help You Breathe Easier & Repel Harmful Germs

Our expert formulators chose the following ingredients based on their proven clinical efficacy: 

Sesame Oil

A study in Inflammation Research shows that the active ingredient, sesamol decreases lung inflammation and lung injury. In addition, sesame oil lowers oxidative damage. 


In this peer-reviewed research, eucalyptus oil and its major component, 1,8-cineole, have antimicrobial effects against many bacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), viruses, and fungi (including Candida). Eucalyptus also contain immune-stimulatory, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. 


Studies (like this one) have found that spearmint essential oil is effective against several types of harmful bacteria. 


Also known as frankincense this study in the European Journal of Medical Research shows that boswellia reduces the inflammation associated with a variety of respiratory conditions because of its ability to inhibit 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) inflammation. It also inhibits the action of histamine-producing mast cells. “It could be highly effective at reducing sinus pressure and swelling,” the research concludes. 


Silicone dioxide, or silica, is a trace mineral that’s been used as a natural preservative  for centuries. Silica also helps remove harmful cells from the nasal cavity.

Vitamin E

A natural preservative, research in World Allergy Organization Journal says vitamin E may help relieve some of the symptoms associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin E can calm portions of the immune system that are involved in allergic reactions.

Streptococcus salivarius probiotic

You’re probably familiar with the importance of probiotics for gut and immune health. But here’s a fun probiotic fact: Streptococcus salivarius is the first probiotic that comes to your defense within a few hours after birth. This natural probiotic affects immune responses by “Inhibiting inflammatory pathways activated by pathogens, including those in bronchial and pharyngeal epithelial cells, suggesting a role in human nasopharyngeal immune responses.”

Colloidal Micro (Nano) Silver 

We’re excited to announce that last but not least, is a new ingredient. We recently added nano silver in version 2.0 of NOSE

According to this research published in Environmental Health Perspectives, nanosilver is “An incredibly safe, very broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent.” 

Broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents are critical for killing all types of bacteria, including the ones that fungus likes to feed off of. 

The rise of drug-resistant superbugs (due to the overuse of antibiotic prescriptions) has created the need for natural antibiotics like colloidal micro silver. 

Stuffy, Irritated Sinuses? NOSE Naturally Goes To Work For You 24/7!

Whether your goal is to prevent seasonal allergies, reduce the impact of indoor irritants, or support your immune system, NOSE is an easy to use natural remedy that’s based on a tradition dating back thousands of years, and more recently, supported by research. If you want to breathe easier, we’ve got your back, er NOSE!