Families/infants/pregnant or nursing mothers

Can I give Boku Super Food to an infant? Do adults and kids take the same amount? Is it safe for nursing mothers?

There is no recommended amount to give an infant. Many parents do give Boku to their babies. If you do decide to give your child Boku Super Food, make sure to start with a very small amount to check for allergies. Always let your pediatrician know that you are feeding your child special foods or supplements.


We recommend one tablespoon for adults and a 1/2 tablespoon for children. The usage level can be increased or decreased as  desired.


If you are nursing, please consult your health care professional for answers to medical questions. I took Boku throughout my entire pregnancy, and continue to take it while breast feeding! Once my baby is on solids I will definitely give Boku products to her! We have many customers who have/are taking Boku products while nursing and pregnant, and love the way it makes them feel!