Your Daily Reset

Think of Super Fiber+ as your personal reset button.

✓ Use daily to keep your system clean & operating at optimal levels

✓ Gut-soothing formula with superfoods researched for their healing properties

✓ Good gut health is related to clearer skin, improved immunity, and mental clarity

✓ Thoughtful balance of soluble and insoluble fiber that aides in weight management & keeps your system in motion

Optimal Health, Made Simple

Fiber+ Cleanse is gentle enough to use daily (and you should)! Reboot your system daily by....

✓ Mixing it with water or juice

✓ Add it to your daily smoothie

✓ Use daily to experience countless benefits!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Don't hesitate to add this to your daily routine

This stuff is a new daily ritual for me. I have noticed an increase in energy, I I stay fuller longer, and have even dropped a few pounds. Don't hesitate to add this into your daily routine -- you'll be glad you got it.

Jennifer Rosa
Highly recommend

Taste is fine; not too thick, easy to get down; does what it’s intended to do ;)
I love that this product is healthy, clean and actually good for you without unnecessary chemical ingredients and is safe enough to consume daily!

michael o'malley
Perfect Product

I add a scoop of Super Fiber to my Super Shake daily & am amazed how well they work synergesticaly & how well I feel (I'm in my 80's) It will be in my daily routine from now on.
Thanks BOKU

Unexpected Benefit with use of Boku Super Fiber

I wanted to share with you that I was beyond happy with an unexpected side effect that I experienced with my use of Boku Super Fiber. After undergoing an abdominal surgery, I was advised to begin using laxatives and stool softeners, but I wanted to explore a more natural solution for keeping my GI tract moving, so I purchased Boku Super Fiber. It works for me. I changed nothing else in my diet. Unexpectedly, I have experienced benefits far beyond regular bowel movements and can’t tell you how much happiness I feel. I am a retired R.N. and would not make a false claim. Please don’t stop keeping us happier and healthier with Boku.

Kim Johnson