BoKU Superfoods Wins Coveted Foods Award & Expands Product Distribution

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(Ventura, CA June 12, 2008) – recently bestowed the much-coveted Best Product Award Of 2008 to BoKU International, LLC (headquartered in Ventura, CA) for their product, Bõku™ Super Food.  Founded in July, 2007, by entrepreneurial CEO Lynn M. Rolle, Bõku™ Super Food is an extremely healthy, energizing, super-nourishing whole food.  And represents the definitive trend in nutritional products focused on total wellness, optimal health and natural beauty. 

Author/health ranger Mike Adams of called Bõku™ Super Food "simply one of the very best superfood products I've ever seen."  Providing a highly-favorable review of Bõku™ Super Food, Adams wrote: "In my opinion..., this product contains powerful nutritional medicine that can help prevent and even reverse serious diseases that are now devastating our population (like diabetes, heart disease, and many others). It can even help the body shed excess body fat and return to a normal body weight regulated by normal blood sugar metabolism..." (For complete text of Adams' Bõku™ Super Food review, please visit

BoKU International, LLC is positioning itself to expand marketing and distribution of Bõku™ Super Food, mainly through its online website ( and through a direct marketing campaign, which is under way this month.  Organic and Kosher certified, Bõku™ Super Food is a super food complex containing essential fatty acids derived from flax seed meal, hormonal balancing properties from a special source of maca root, and phytonutrients from a wide array of anti-oxidant rich fruits, and is enhanced with the company's proprietary blend of custom-grown probiotics and enzymes.

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