"Tough Mudder"

Elite female athlete who took first place in coveted "Tough Mudder" event was powered by Boku Superfoods

(NaturalNews) Ready for some hard-core athleticism? The "Tough Mudder" event is an extreme endurance challenge that's on track to become even more popular than the much-coveted "Iron Man" race. Billed as "a non-stop 24-hour [event] designed to find the toughest human being on the planet," the race features an absolutely grueling obstacle race so difficult that 90% failed to even finish it.

Designed by British Special Forces and littered with pulse-pounding obstacles, it's a gritty, mud-trudging extreme competition that landed a huge percentage of this year's competitors in the hospital (not an exaggeration, see below).

Tough Mudder explained:

A "Tough Mudder" race features special forces-style "military" training obstacles, including mud pits, 8-foot walls, muddy berms, rope nets and more. Contestants are subjected to hypothermia-inducing temperatures as they slug through mud, swim across a body of water, navigate "monkey bars" and try to endure. Each lap of the course is nearly nine miles long, and contestants run as many laps as they can stand, for an astonishing 24 hours.

Participants have tents where they can catch their breath after each lap, stock up on nutrition and calories, then hit the next lap.

Paramedics are standing by throughout the entire event, and in the event held this last weekend, over four hundred dropped out of the race in the first few hours and had to be treated by medical personnel. Yeah, it's that hard core.

Juliana Sproles takes first place among female competitors, powered by Boku Superfoods

This "Tough Mudders" event was held in Raceway Park, NJ, where Juliana Sproles, instructor of the Boku Boot Camp in Ojai, California, entered as a hopeful competitor. (I am fortunate enough to have actually attended the Boku Boot Camp and trained for a few days with Juliana.)

She attacked the course right alongside military-trained contestants, including special forces teams and others who represent some of the best fit men in the entire world. In all, the event attracted nearly 1,000 contestants who consider themselves to be "elite athletes." Many routinely compete in marathons and Iron Man competitions as well.

Just four hours into this Tough Mudders event, 400 - 500 contestants dropped out, unable to continue. Twelve hours into the race, Juliana had completed 3 laps (each one roughly nine miles long, with 40 obstacles in each lap), leaving most other female contestants in the dust (or the mud, in this case). While Juliana soldiered on, yet more women (and men) dropped out of the race in droves, unable to continue.

By the final hour, hundreds more dropped out of the race and were admitted to local hospitals suffering from hypothermia or injuries such as sprains or broken bones. At the final lap, Juliana Sproles had passed nearly all the MEN and was in third place overall, behind the two men who eventually finished first and second (...and she was gaining on the man in second place).

At the finish line, Juliana achieved a stunning first place victory among all the women who participated, and she finished third overall, beating out hundreds of male contestants who could not complete the course.

"It was gnarly," Juliana told NaturalNews. "The mud mile went on forever, with 8-foot walls and slippery berms. The freezing weather caused the ice to freeze a quarter inch thick by the early morning, we had to break through it with our hands and feet, and then slog through it and keep moving forward..."

What was Juliana's secret? Hard training, mental commitment and a nutritional edge based almost entirely on Boku Super Foods (www.BokuSuperfood.com).

Powered by Boku Superfoods, Juliana soldiered forward

"We had a strategy, and a plan, and we executed it," Juliana explained. "I had Boku super protein, the Boku super shake, I ate my Boku bars, I also had immune tonic and Matcha tea in my tent. The blend of the Boku products sustained me for 80% of my nutritional needs for the event. I was able to go 24 hours and 10 minutes, to finish the last lap. Could not have done it without Boku."

In fact, Juliana's nutritional regimen during the challenge consisted of:

• Boku Super Food (powder mixed with water)
• Boku Super Protein (a plant-based protein formula)
• Boku Super Food Bars (the cutting edge nutritional food bars designed by NaturalNews readers!)
• And the new, upcoming Boku Super Food Matcha Green Tea formula, which hasn't yet been unveiled to the public. (NaturalNews will carry the exclusive announcement of this Matcha Green Tea launch in January.)

All these products are available directly from Boku at www.BokuSuperfood.com
(We do not sell these products ourselves. You have to get them directly from Boku.)

High-density nutrition pays off in training, too

In addition, Juliana trained on Boku Super Food, making it a cornerstone of her nutritional support for strength and endurance training.

"I visualized it for six months," Juliana told NaturalNews as we spoke to her from the hospital where she's still recovering after the event. She suffered frostbite on two of her toes and is currently too weak to walk, but she's recovering by the hour. "Truly, the strategy we had worked. We went into it and had meetings, we planned, and we had the Boku solution read to go. I'm really happy and really grateful! Boku, I couldn't have done it without you."

During the race, Boku Superfood founder Reno Rolle watched from a remote location, cheering and praying for Juliana's safe completion of the event. "We're so excited, we didn't sleep at all, we were up all through the night cheering for Juliana, just so excited for her," Reno said. "And these obstacles are designed by British Special Forces guys, it's pretty cool, what a test, it's like the ultimate boot camp."

Of course, it didn't all happen overnight, either. Juliana has been training with Boku Superfood for months. "She's been really strict about consuming Boku," Reno said. "She's really living the Boku life. And obviously it paid off."

Forget the hype and drop the crap; only REAL high-density nutrition creates winners

In analyzing what just happened in this competition, let me lay it out for you straight. Juliana is a woman, and she beat hundreds of hard-training men in an endurance race that nearly 9 out of 10 people couldn't even finish. How did she do it?

It wasn't a fluke. The body is powered by nutrition, and Juliana's nutrition gave her such an edge that she was already physiologically ahead of everybody else before the race even started.

Look, there's a lot of hype out there about sports drinks (mostly crap), protein bars (soy protein crap), energy drinks (sugar crap) and other processed supplements promoted by high-profile athletes who are mostly pitching crap. Nearly everything you see promoted on TV for "athletes" is pure garbage, laced with processed sugars, chemical additives, hexane-extracted soy protein (also known as "prison food") and artificial flavors and colors.

It doesn't matter how cool their commercials look or how famous their "famous athlete" spokespeople are, because if you read the ingredients of these products you'll learn they're mostly made of junk ingredients. That's why most people who eat and drink popular, over-hyped garbage products almost never win races. Because they're fueling up with garbage. And their bodies give them garbage results.

In contrast to all that, Juliana Sproles recognized the stunning nutritional superiority of Boku Super Food, and she put it to use in her training program to maximize training intensity while also shortening her recovery time. As a result, she could train more often and with greater intensity than her competition. Plus, by taking Boku Super Food supplements, she was flooding her body with plant-based minerals, micro-algae, seaweeds, phytonutrients and a long list of other performance-enhancing elements that modern science hasn't even figured out yet.

Did this give her an "unfair" advantage in the race? Nope, it just maximized her human potential! Superior nutrition works so incredibly well on the human body that it almost makes you seem like you have super powers. But it's just fundamental human physiology when you get right down to it. And absurdly, most athletes are crippling their physiology with garbage diets and crap supplements that don't work.

If you want to win, you gotta eat like a winner.

Will Boku Super Food make you a super athlete?

Not all by itself, of course. No supplement alone will turn you into a lean, mean athletic machine. To achieve that, you need to combine intense training with outstanding nutritional support (and a complete avoidance of toxic chemicals from all the different sources).

But most of today's athletes are shooting themselves in the foot by training really hard and then denying their bodies the minerals and nutrition they need to recover, adapt and build both muscle and endurance. That only comes from high-density nutrition -- the kind of nutrition you will only find in a surprisingly small number of superfood supplements like Boku. Taking some cheap "vitamin pill" won't get you this (those are mostly crap, too). Buying some off-the-shelf "greens" powder that's 50% soy lecithin won't get you there either. Drinking those Naked Juice and Odwalla products is a total JOKE compared to the kind of nutrition I'm talking about.

Winners can't eat like losers, my friends. Not anymore. Too many competitive athletes are waking up to the "nutritional advantage" that comes from living on microalgae and other superfoods. Those athletes who try to compete while living on junk foods and processed garbage are increasingly finding out they're losing more than they're winning. And why? Because if you eat a diet for losers, you're gonna lose!

Wanna WIN more? Eat to win, folks. Eat to LIVE.

Power up your body and your brain, too

Boku Superfood can help you get there. It's not the entire solution, because you obviously have to eat other foods along the way. I drink live foods nutrition almost daily, and I also supplement with all the Boku products on a regular basis. This is what powers my brain through the "obstacle course" of navigating the daily news and cranking our informative articles here on NaturalNews. Boku Superfood works for my brain the same way it worked for Juliana's super athletic body. This is a nutritional supplement that just flat-out GETS RESULTS for your body and your brain. Without it, you just won't experience your full potential, in my experience. Boku activates your full potential, both physically and mentally.

So for all those athletes out there reading this -- MMA fighters, marathon runners, Olympic contestants and more -- if you want a ridiculously "unfair" advantage over your competition -- something so crazily powerful that it allowed this female athlete to overpower hundreds of elite male athletes in a grueling endurance contest -- get some Boku superfood into your body and don't look back.
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Yeah, it's that good. NaturalNews salutes Juliana Sproles for her extraordinary achievement, and we applaud her for setting a shining example of what's possible when you combine determination and physical fitness with the world's best nutrition.

Learn more at www.BokuSuperfood.com