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"When I found that Reno's (co-founder of Boku) arteries were as clean as whistle.....I had to wonder, maybe it is the Boku can bet I'm going to be recommending this to ALL of my patients."

- Dr. Darren Clair, Vibrance Health

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Boku Super Shake is the world's most potent and delicious superfood meal replacement. Complete with 75 of the world's most nutrient-rich superfoods to help keep your body happy, fueled, and ready for whatever life throws at you!


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The Super Shake formula contains a powerful superfood blend, 30g vegan protein, adaptogens, antioxidant boosters, and nutrients.

If your activity level demands more, boost your shake with our Super Food greens powder, Super Fuel performance enhancing energy powder, or any of deliciously flavored Super Protein powders. We also offer powders that boost immunity, fiber intake, and more! You can truly create a program that is custom suited for your unique needs.

Why Boku?

We make living healthy, easy and affordable

Organic superood powders, snacks, personal care and home products delivered to your front door. We purchase premium superfoods direct from small farmers to keep prices low.

Supports Your Immune System

Award winnng blend of 55 superfood and plant-based protein powders created by a Naturopathic Doctor for a family-based business, not a gigantic corportion.

Live your best life and keep your family safe

Boku personal care and home products are free of hormone disruptors and synthetic ingredients, allowing you and your family to keep mind, body, and spirit balance.


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