Why You'll Love It

Fill nutrition gaps and flood your system with quality phytonutrients that help with....

  • Overall Vitality
  • Immunity
  • Detoxing
  • Cognition
  • Gut Health
  • PH Balancing

Ingredients that work together to form your healthiest self....

  • Geens from land & sea
  • Adaptogenic mushrooms
  • Super Sprouts
  • Super berries
  • Exotic fruits
  • Probiotics
  • Enzymes

BōKU®‘Super Greens’(†YoungBarley Grass Juice,
†Nettle Leaf,†Nopal Cactus,†Broccoli,Spinach,†Kale,†Cabbage,†Parsley),BōKU 'Super Algae'(†Spirulina,†Kelp,†Chlorella),†Maca Root,BōKU 'Super Shroom'Mix(†Reishi,†Maitake,†Shiitake,†Chaga,†Mesima,†Lions Mane,†TurkeyTail,†Blazei,†Poria,†Suehirotake,†Hiratake,†Agrikon,†True Tinder Polypore),BōKU SuperSprouts(†FlaxSprouts,†Pumpkin Sprouts,†BroccoliSprouts,†CauliflowerSprouts,†KaleSprouts,†Cabbage Sprouts,†Red Clover Sprouts),BōKU Super Pods(†SweetMesquite,†FineVanilla Bean),BōKU SuperFruit(†Lucuma,†GojiBerry,†HawthornBerry,†BlackberryPowder,†Tart Cherry,†Pomegranate,†Blueberry,†AcaiBerry,†Strawberry,†Raspberry,†Cranberry),BōKUSuper Extras(†Vermont Maple Syrup,Lactobacillus Sporogenes),BōKU Super Enzymes(Alpha-Amylase, Neutral Protease, Cellulase,Lactase, Lipase), Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

How to Enjoy

Add one scoop of Boku Superfood to your favorite non-dairy liquid – it’s that easy. Shake it up, drink it down, and experience how good it feels to be fueled by nature's gifts to mankind.


Should I take BōKU® Super Food on an empty stomach?

BōKU® Super Food can be taken on an empty stomach and is assimilated more effectively if taken before eating solid food. It can also be taken with a light meal if preferred.

What are the health benefits of using BōKU® Super Food?

Have you ever taken a vitamin pill or nutritional supplement? Why? Most likely because it’s almost impossible to get all the vitamins and nutrients we need to stay healthy from the foods we eat alone everyday. But most vitamins in pill form just pass through our bodies because they have been chemically processed, extracted by heat, and in turn become something your body hardly recognizes. Most nutrients and vitamins need to be recognized as food for the body to assimilate. Imagine a table full of organic vegetables and fruits: it’s not practical to eat this everyday, but imagine if this pile of goodness was dehydrated and ground up into a fine powder that will mix well with any of your favorite liquids. Now we realize that eating healthy can be convenient, which is a major benefit of using BōKU® Super Food.

Can I take too much BōKU® Super Food?

This is highly unlikely. BōKU® Super Food is a 100% non-toxic, natural food. It’s important to note that BōKU® Super Food is not a supplement. It is a broad-spectrum superfood. It is virtually impossible to overdose with BōKU®. Mega-dosing is not only safe, but encouraged. Depending on the individual and the level of toxicity, there may be mild, adverse reactions to the cleansing benefits of BōKU®. Common sense is the way to go. We suggest you start off with the recommended serving, and gradually increase the amount to your liking.

What does BōKU® Super Food taste like?

BōKU® has a very neutral taste and is especially mild for such a green, vegan, super nutrient-dense food. Unlike most green superfood powders, BoKu contains a full spectrum blend of fruits, berries, mushrooms and other nutrient dense superfoods that help to balance the bitterness of the greens. We believe, and have heard from thousands of satisfied customers, that BōKU® Super Food is the best tasting superfood product on the market. It mixes easily with pure water, your favorite juice or non dairy milk.

Can I take BōKU® Super Food and still drink coffee?

While there are no known negative effects between BōKU® Super Food and coffee, BōKU® Super Food has natural and beneficial energizing effects, so after drinking it, you may not even have the need for a “caffeine buzz.”

Are there Probiotics in Boku?

We specifically choose the probiotic L. Sporogenes to include in BõKU® Super Food because of room temperature stability. It is one of the few probiotics that come in the form of spores. This means that it is totally inactive until it is taken into the body. When L. Sporogenes reaches the ideal growing environment of the small intestine, the spores activate and start to reproduce. They then form colonies and give all the benefits of these “good” bacteria.

Why do I not see a large amount of vitamins listed on the nutritional facts panel?

Labels may not lie but they certainly don’t tell the whole story. BōKU® Super Food is packed with “Phytonutrients.” Phytonutrients are the natural substances a plant makes to keep itself healthy and strong. Many of these substances have been carefully researched for the amazing health benefits they impart when humans eat them. More than 25,000 phytonutrients are found in plant foods. Think of them as precursors to vitamins. Unlike vitamins and minerals, there are no RDAs or DRIs for them. Phytonutrients are severely lacking in the diet of most Americans. BoKU is able to offer generous amounts of phytonutrients, because they are loaded in whole Organic foods. Each of the categories in BōKU® Super Food, provide their own unique life-giving phytonutrients from Organic Greens, Sprouts, Fruit, Mushrooms, Maca, etc. Most companies that show a large amount of “traditional” nutrients in a small serving of powder, are doing this by adding man-made nutrients to their product to “spike” the Nutrition Panel, and make their numbers look large. BōKU® has chosen to only use the purest Organic foods in their natural state, and optimally dried.

What about Super Food makes it so easily absorbed by the body?

Dr. BJ Adrezin: “Boku Super Food is carefully milled to a very fine powder. This encourages excellent absorption without having to undergo an extensive digestion process. The ingredients are also low temperature dried, which helps keep the nutritional value intact.”

Why else should you choose organic?

Organic agriculture preserves natural resources and biodiversity, supports animal health and welfare (for meat products, certified organic means they have not been subjected to growth hormones or harmful drugs), and organic foods have been shown to have better nutritional value than conventionally grown food.

When should I take Super Food OG?

Any time during the day! BōKU Superfood Powder keeps you feeling great all day long, takes only seconds to prepare and is super easy to incorporate into your daily regimen. It is QUICK & EASY – Just add a scoop into your smoothie or shake in a glass of pure water, a non-dairy beverage or your favorite juice.

Can pregnant women take BōKU® Super Food?

Pregnant women should ask their doctor before eating any new food.

What is BōKU® Super Food?

We believe that BōKU® SuperFood is the highest quality, most nutrient-dense Superfood formulation on the planet and the healthiest thing a person could ever consume. Superfoods are plants, vegetables, roots and fruits that are highly nutritious and health forming. BōKU® Super Food is an award-winning, proprietary blend containing 55 of the most potent, certified organic superfoods in the world.

Boku Super Shake kachava alternative healthy meal replacement shake

Drink Your Greens

✓ Easy (and delicious) way to flood your body with phytonutrient-rich greens

✓ Aides in cellular detox

✓ Cognition support

✓ PH Balancing greens from land & sea

✓ Adapt to physical, emotional, and environmental stressors better with adaptogenic mushrooms

✓ Formulated by a Naturopathic Medical Doctor

✓ Award-winning superfood formula

✓ Highly concentrated nutrition conducive to an active lifestyle

✓ Super berries & exotic fruits for antioxidants

✓ Probiotics and enzymes for gut health

Boku Superfood Sustainable Powders

Plan(e)t Based Food

Do it for you. Do it for the community. Do it for the planet.

It's estimated that about 60% of the world's waste is from discarded food.

By choosing Boku, you are consuming the "future of food" & directly reducing the amount of food waste on this planet.

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Customer Reviews

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Product came in timely manner but when I tried product it was hard to swallow after mixing there was a chunky thick curdle mess in my cup I wanted to puke. I’ve had this before however this batch was horrible


I love my Boku Superfood!


I have been using boku for about 15yrs now . I also buy it for my son who has crohn's

Gives me energy from within

Used it cuz had nausea and low energy with pregnancy and it helped alot!!!

Lloyd Bowers

You can feel the clean energy surging through your body.