Achieving Perfect Health with a Perfect Gut

Achieving Perfect Health with a Perfect Gut

The Importance of Healthy Digestion

When we really started to consider the importance of a healthy digestive tract, we had to introduce a massive shift into our diets - in particular, the addition of fiber, more water, and a few other minor adjustments. Read on to learn more about why this is so vital to your health.


Imagine a hot summer’s day - just shy of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You take out the trash, which is full of old food, and you toss it into the trash bin, with the hot sun beating down upon it. A few days go by, and the grueling heat streak continues. Imagine the smelly, festering mess that has become of the contents in the garbage can! Pee-ew! Surely, it’s teeming with bacteria, and most definitely, rotting. Apologies for the horrific imagery, but it’s to make an important point:

With an average human body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, something shockingly similar happens inside of the body when we haven’t digested our food properly. Many Americans are constipated for many reasons, and get - well - backed up. The contents in the colon get just about as icky as hot trash. Parasites will be stoked that you’re constipated, but you sure won’t be. It’s not a healthy way to live at all, and in fact, is the culprit for many diseases, including (but not limited to) heart disease and obesity.

So let’s learn how to scrub-a-dub that gut until it’s clean!

Eat More Fiber!

Poor diet is likely the number one cause of intestinal blockage, and the main dietary mistake is not getting enough fiber. Ok, so what is fiber, exactly? Let’s break it down for you (no pun intended!).


There are two kind of fiber: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber changes forms once it’s in the body, absorbing water and becoming more gelatinous. The texture that soluble fiber takes on slows the process of digestion - in a good way. It allows the body to realllllly absorb those nutrients as it leisurely passes through the system. But soluble fiber should be paired with insoluble fiber.

Insoluble fiber remains coarse and fibrous, and that does the work to scrub the food out of your gut. It also adds some nice bulk and mass to your stool, such that the weight of it passes through without effort. Ahh.

fiber digestion

That said, we highly encourage you to try our upcoming Super Fiber formulation, which is carefully crafted to deliver soluble and insoluble fiber along with tons of other nutrients that the formula allows your body to absorb with ease. We threw in some of the best sources of fiber you can find: golden flaxseed, whole husk psyllium, fruit fibers, and other pristinely sourced ingredients that are supportive for your gut, like ginger and bentonite clay. Since you’re supposed to get around 40g of fiber a day, this is a really easy way to ensure that you’re getting plenty in a healthy way, instead of trying to cram 4 slices of whole grain toast down the gullet.

Golden flaxseed might also help promote weight loss. Many foods that contain a lot of fiber are high in carbs, as well - but not golden flaxseed. And when flax gets into your digestive tract, not all of the calories are absorbed. It is also said to reduce sugar cravings!

Whole husk psyllium is a pro at forming bulk in your waste, providing the heftiness it needs to pass through easily. So - can you guess which kind of fiber it has? That’s right - it’s a great source of insoluble fiber.

Know your Acupressure Poop Points

Placing appropriate pressure on certain points of your colon while you’re on the toilet will help push things through. By massaging the colon properly, it increases blood flow to the area, squeezing things out like toothpaste from the tube.

We’re proud as can be to carry the Turdle, both online and in our store. We use it to push the proper areas of your colon to get things going.


The way we are seated upright when we “go” is actually super unnatural. Before the invention of the “porcelain throne”, we squatted in the woods!

Stress Less

This might not seem as intuitive, but trust us - stress does a number on your number 2s (...sorry not sorry).

When we stress out, our muscles naturally tense up. The walls inside of the intestine are part of the muscular system, so those tense up, too, holding waste in. Relax, and your whole colon relaxes with you, letting go and releasing waste. Ahhh.

relax digestion

Adopt a regular fitness regime, as well as a regular meditation practice (even if it’s just 5 minutes a day to take some deep, conscious breaths). For more tips on reducing overall anxiety in your life, click here.

Keep Your Immune System Up

Poor immune health equals bacteria buildup, and an increased chance of parasites. Ick! Keep those unwanted belly pests away. Eat/take your vitamin C. Again, keep stress levels at a minimum. We are a big fan of this (delicious) Immune Tonic, which contains loads and loads of ancient herbs: rhodiola root, schisandra berry, holy basil leaf, european elderberry, eleuthero root, astragalus root, fo-ti root, olive leaf, and red root. That’ll kick any virus’ butt, real good.

tonic digestion

So stay in touch with your body's needs, and stay tuned for our Super Fiber formulation! Make sure you've joined our mailing list so we can update you as to when this exciting new product is coming out.