How to welcome the rain, NOT the bugs!

How to welcome the rain, NOT the bugs!

For the past several years, California has looked more like a desert wasteland than the beautiful scenes you typically see in movies. Showers were cut in half, high efficiency/low water flow appliances were installed everywhere….and having a lush lawn became a faux pas (hello, it’s all about drought-tolerant landscapes)!


Lush Lawn In California = Big No No

Drought-Tolerant Landscape in California = Big YES! 

Well, Mother Nature must have grown tired of seeing all the tumbleweeds, brown hillsides, and dried up riverbeds of California and finally brought us some MUCH needed rainfall! In fact, the Governor of California recently declared the state of drought has been LIFTED! (Check out the pictures from NASA satellites below to see the stark difference between 2014 and 2017 after rainfall!)

2014: California in extreme drought

2017: Finally, a lush and quenched Californian landscape

 Now our hills are green, our rivers are swiftly flowing & everything is in bloom.

Humans and animals are all happy, well-watered, and thriving again…..oh, and SO ARE THE BUGS.

Rainwater brings life to everything! Bugs are no exception to this rule. They’re getting enough water to drink, a new lush landscape to call their home, and plenty to eat within the thriving and hydrated ecosystem.


We LOVE all animals, however, we prefer to love bugs from afar (not on us, our pets or children!)

That’s where BUG OFF comes in! Bug Off Spray is specially formulated & handmade by Lynn’s mother of Marie’s Soap to repel mosquitoes, fleas, chiggers, ticks, and other biting insects.

It is completely chemical-free, safe for the environment, and effective. This great smelling, 100% natural formula is totally safe for children and pets!  


Welcome the rain, NOT the bugs! ????

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