BōKU® Launches Performance Enhancing Vegan Super Fuel


Record setting performance, enhanced libido and euphoric moods for professional level athletes and everyday people.  

Ventura, CA March 1st, 2013 — After more than five years in development and testing, leading super food company BōKU® International has announced the introduction of its USDA certified Organic, Kosher and Vegan Super Fuel™.  Formulated specifically for elite athletes and the most discerning health enthusiasts, BōKU® Super Fuel contains massive quantities of adaptogenic phytonutrients from organic reishi, organic maca root and other amazing organic plants, in a proprietary, synergistic powder that mixes easily in water or any liquid.  Among these super nutrients is one of the Chinese natural secrets believed to have helped win so many gold medals in the Beijing Olympics, spawning rumors of blood doping and steroid use.

“The launch of our Super Fuel has been highly anticipated” said BōKU® CEO Lynn Rollé. “We have seen incredible results during our beta trial including a world championship in elite obstacle course racing, but perhaps most surprising are the incredible benefits for non athletes and every day people.  Our Super Fuel has amazing mood elevating properties.  People have reported that within minutes, they feel a fog lifting effect and enjoy an immediate sense of clarity, happiness and wellbeing.”

BōKU®’s master formulator and chief medical advisor Dr. BJ Adrezin says, “There is nothing anywhere in the world like our Super Fuel.  This product will provide sustained healthy energy, focus, performance and recovery unlike anything people have experienced.  This is perhaps the perfect organic replacement for unhealthy energy drinks and other harmful supplementation.  People won’t believe the performance enhancing benefits derived from this natural plant based food.  They will see amazing, health forming results on the field, court, track, even the office, classroom and especially the bedroom.”

BōKU® Super Fuel is no exception to the company’s industry leading tradition of creating defiantly delicious super food formulas.  It’s incredible blend including organic fair trade chocolate, organic marshmallow root and organic fine vanilla bean, promises to super charge any smoothie and deliver creamy deliciousness even when simply shaken in water.

BōKU® is currently accepting pre-orders for Super Fuel at bokusuperfood.com  The product will start shipping March 1st in three sizes ranging in price from about $20.00 – $200.00 delivering a cost of just around $5.00 per serving, less than a fast food meal or sugary latté at the local coffee shop.  Lynn Rollé continued “Our mission at BōKU® is to positively impact people with the highest quality organic nutritional products in the world and we constantly strive to deliver great value.  Dr. Adrezin is like an alchemic gourmet.  Thanks to him our functional foods are equally potent and delicious.  People will be amazed when they experience BōKU® Super Fuel.”

Originally Posted on March 1, 2013

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