Coco LOVE-Vegan Hot Chocolate from Boku!

Coco LOVE-Vegan Hot Chocolate from Boku!

Everybody loves a steamy cup of Hot CO-CO. Whether your cozied up next to a fire in the mountains, or just want to drink something that takes you there, Hot coco is truly an experience worth drinking.


What if you can have the taste of your childhood and the power of organic superfoods in one cup?

Boku CoCo Love

Boku Superfoods has recreated a classic using all Organic and vegan superfood ingredients. Choco Love is made of the powerful antioxidant rich and energizing Raw Cacao, combined with sweet Carob to improve digestion and lower cholesterol. Next, we added an immune boosting and brain strengthening blend of 20 ancient and revered medicinal mushrooms like Chaga and Reishi.


We wanted Choco love to have a nice frothy head when prepared, so we infused the blend with coconut milk powder. This not only achieved our goal but added healthy saturated fatty acids like omega 3, omega 6, lauric acid, MCT (AKA medium chain triglycerides). These fats are scientifically proven to be antibacterial/antiviral, they have been proven to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, to increase energy expenditure and help enhance physical performance. According to a study done by the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at McGill University, a diet rich in MCT oils results in a greater loss of fat. CoCo Love

To sweeten Coco love up we use some Coconut blossom sugar and maple syrup powder. This blend is used to lightly sweeten and add many beneficial minerals. Together these ingredients work in harmony to recreate an iconic classic using Organic, nutrient-packed and 100 % Vegan, superfoods! 


Try Boku's delicious CoCo Love today!