Mindful Moment: Beyond Relations, How Do You Define “Family?”

Family is most obviously defined by those who are related to us by blood: parents, siblings, cousins and other relations. But often there’s a deeper meaning woven into how we define family.

While many are blessed with close and loving families, others also find familial comfort beyond their bloodlines — through friends and often even coworkers.

You’ve likely heard the saying, “friends are the family you choose.” A recent New York Times article examining friendship and family noted, “For friends, as for family, ‘close’ is the holy grail of relationships.”

The article described what that sentiment of closeness means to people. “‘We’re close’ could mean they talk about anything; or that they see each other often…(or) that they have a special connection, a connection of the heart.”

With whom do you have a connection of the heart? Who is your family?

Take a moment today to let your family know you love them. In just 30 seconds you can send a text, make a quick call, or write an email. Family — however you define it — is always first.

Happy Journey,

Lynn and the BōKU® Team

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