What is the best superfood to eat in the morning?

What is the best superfood to eat in the morning?

The first thing you put into your body in the AM sets the day’s baseline for your digestive fires, as well as your mood, energy, stamina...you name it. What better way to jumpstart your day than with the superbly alkalizing effects of matcha green tea?

As we sleep, the human body expends tons of energy processing nutrients, expelling waste and toxic elements through the liver and kidneys. These toxins are highly acidic, which, as you may guess, produces acidity in the body. You know that white coating on your tongue, and how it’s at its thickest in the morning? It’s called “ama” and is an indication of your body’s toxicity level.

Matcha green tea counteracts these noxious substances by bringing the body to an alkaline state, allowing the toxins to pass quickly and easily through our urine and stool. The matcha also contains beneficial amounts of caffeine (without the crash) that helps to boost your metabolism and prepare your body for its first meal.

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Once your body is energized and alkalized, it’s time to have the notorious “best meal of the day” - a healthy and balanced breakfast. Nutrient-packed food like berries, green cruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, spinach etc.), fiber and protein are essential to consume in our first meal of the day. At BoKU, we make breakfast a simple process for you - all of these things are found in medicinal quantities in our superfoods!

Make a hearty and delicious breakfast shake with 1-2 scoops of Boku Superfood, and a heaping scoop of one of our vegan protein powders. When you combine our potent green superfood with our vegan protein, you are consuming a whole meal! Add a handful of berries or a banana for added flavor, and then whirl it all up with about two cups of vegan milk or liquid of your choice. This powerful blend of ingredients contains all of the essential nutrients that provide your body with the energy required to perform your most demanding tasks or workouts. And as any satisfying breakfast should, this meal will carry you all the way to lunch!

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For lovers of all things rich and/or chocolatey, you can also try our Super Fuel to get your day started off right. The medicinal mushrooms we incorporate offer a wide array of adaptogenic nutrients that give your unique bodily constitution just what it needs to perform optimally and fight damage in the body. These magic mushrooms - not the kind that send you on a psychoactive journey - have been recently popping up all over Instagram and in popular teas and elixirs, but have been used for thousands of years in cultures all over the world in order to promote health and longevity. Make yourself a hot tonic in the morning with the Super Fuel by putting a big ol’ scoop in a cup of your favorite kind of warm milk. Mix well, and use a frother to blend it for ultimate creaminess.

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