How do I take Boku?

What do I mix it with? How much liquid do I use? Can they all be used together?

Begin with 1 rounded scoop per day and gradually work your way up to 4 or more scoops per day. Best shaken well in pure water, non-dairy milks, your favorite juice or blended in a smoothie. Everybody has different sensitivities. One tablespoon is fine to start (Some people are are so sensitive that they need to start with less.) You can slowly add over time 2-3 tablespoons over the course of a day. Many people do well with more. The best thing is to experiment to fine the optimum amount for your body and to support your daily activities. The amount of nutrients absorbed is highly individual and depends on the status of you digestive system. 


We recommend about 8oz of water, your favorite non-dairy milk or juice for each scoop of Superfood. If you are adding more powders in your shakes, then you can add more liquid accordingly. 


All of our powders CAN be used, shaken and blended together! All Boku products are designed to blend perfectly together for maximum synergistic benefit and taste!