Why are Boku products so expensive?

In short and at the risk of sounding curt, “You get what you pay for”.
Boku ingredients are the finest in the world – PERIOD. There are numerous superfood companies out there that source cheap ingredients from China and other known polluters. These ingredients will not have any where near the potency of Boku’s pristine superfoods. In addition, these cheap ingredients are often loaded with dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals and other contaminants. Boku Superfood blends are doctor formulated for maximum functionality. This is why our products are so frequently copied by our competitors but never duplicated. Boku products are also micro batched and packaged directly by our family and staff inhouse at our state of the art facility in Ojai California. We are not a high volume/low quality factory but instead a family owned business that cares and is dedicated to only sharing the absolute best products in the world. There are certainly cheaper products available but for a few cents more per serving, is your health and well-being really worth risking?