Why is Matcha better than the average, everyday cup of Joe?

Better than coffee?

You know the feeling, sluggish and unfocused, needing some pep in your step, time to reach for that cup of Joe… But what if there was a nutrient and life-giving alternative that didn’t leave you with the jitters, brown teeth and bad breath? Instead of a dark, dreadful cup of joe, you can enjoy a bright green cup of amazing nutrients. Matcha Tea can give you extra focus and energy to get you through your day, and also enrich your life with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

Matcha Tea does have caffeine in it; 1 gram (about a half teaspoon) has about 35 mg of caffeine vs. 80-120 mg typically found in 1 teaspoon of coffee. Unlike coffee, the phytonutrients and amino acids in Matcha Tea allows the human body to use caffeine in a much more beneficial way opposed to caffeine from coffee. The caffeine in Matcha bonds with “the champions of antioxidants” known as catechins, and enters into the blood stream slowly. The richness of fiber in Matcha Tea also helps to stabilize already healthy blood sugar levels.