Why Is matcha powdered tea more expensive than green tea?

Reasons it's typically more money?

In short, Matcha is a premium tea due to the high degree of hand processing, low plant yield, and the relatively limited regional and seasonal production concentrated in Japan. The finest teas are generally regarded as the greenest in color, which requires special care and control of the growing environment. Matcha is the highest-grade of tea in the world- one look and you will be taken aback by its vibrant green hue. The finest Matcha Tea is also exclusive to Japan- it is much more limited in supply than regular green tea, due to the meticulous growing, drying and powdering steps and the regional soils and climate that make it thrive and fully develop. It is the perfectly hand-cut “flawless diamond” among teas in the world. Matcha Tea Leaves are lovingly picked by experienced hands, selecting only new top leaves and shoots. The plants are also specially shaded during the end of the growing cycle to boost chlorophyll content and antioxidant potency. Matcha Tea is 100% stone-ground via a slow and careful process to obtain an extremely fine, uniform powder that dissolves and froths in water. Only about 40 grams of powdered Matcha can be produced per hour through the stone-grinding process.

BōKU® Super Match Green Tea is a proprietary custom blend of the most functionally potent Matchas, together with the finest tasting, smoothest ceremonial Matcha. We’ve designed this blend to combine the most functional, nutrient-dense benefits with the most regal and richly flavored character of traditional Matcha- the only blend of its kind, to ensure whole-body utilization and satisfaction.