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BōKU International, with “Superfood for Pets,” Is Announced As A SCORE Championship Finalist


Ojai-based BōKU® International progresses to the final round of SCORE’s small business competition with a “superfood for pets” concept

BōKU® Superfood, headquartered in Ojai, CA, entered the SCORE Small Business Championship with the hopes of making “superfood for pets” a reality. Currently, BōKU® has a range of organic, vegan powders, bars, and snacks for humans, but is hoping to expand their offerings to the animal members of the family. On March 22, the company was announced as one of the finalists in the competition.

“Most dog food is nothing more than toxic, fattening junk,” Lynn Rolle, BōKU®’s CEO, explains. “Winning this contest will help me fulfill my dream to bring organic, superfood nutrition to pets, and peace of mind to pet parents like you and me.”

The “Super Pets” line will include superfood powder that can be added to kibble, as well as meal replacement bars for dogs. Lynn hopes to make pet nutrition easy with these new products.

The finalists of the SCORE Championship each receive a $1000 Sam’s Club Award, which Lynn plans to spend on office supplies and materials for the Super Pets line. BōKU® hopes to continue on to win the grand prize of $25,000 and a year of SCORE mentoring, which will further support the development of this new product line.

Lynn shared, “We are so excited and honored to win the $1000 Sam’s Club Award, and to have the opportunity to compete for the grand prize. Thank you everyone for your support!”

To view BōKU®’s SCORE Championship entry and learn more about SCORE, click here:

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  • The Boku Staff,

    I would like to share my story of how Boku Superfood lengthened my dogs life by 3 years.

    Kayla is an English Bulldog and their average life span is about 8 years.

    A co-worker of mine introduced me to Boku in 2015 and I started mixing it in with Kayla’s food daily.

    Kayla went in for surgery 2 weeks shy of her 11th birthday and passed under anesthesia on July 27th, 2017.

    The autopsy showed a heart condition that we were not aware of. Dr. Garrett, her dr, has been a practicing Veterinarian in the area for 40+ years.

    I am 57 and he was my horses Veterinarian when I was 13 & 14 years old.

    Dr. Garrett told me that in 40 years, he has only seen a couple of English Bulldogs make it to 11 & 12 years of age.

    First of all I give the credit to the Lord for giving me 11 years with my best friend and secondly to Boku for the Superfood Nutrition that they produce.

    I know that Boku Superfood is by far better than anything else I could ever find, anywhere.

    Thank you for an extra 3 years with my best friend! I will always be grateful to you for that.
    Patty St. Armour

    Patricia St. Armour

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BōKU International, with “Superfood for Pets,” Is Announced As A SCORE