4 reasons why you should be on shrooms every day!

4 reasons why you should be on shrooms every day!
No, we don’t mean the psychedelic kind. We don’t mean the ones you put on your salad either. We’re talking about Medicinal Mushrooms (sometimes also referred to as ‘Functional Mushrooms’).
This class of mushrooms has been creeping its way into more health conscious consumers’ lives for years now. But we aren’t the first ones to use the power of the fungi. This study-backed, healing treasure was celebrated by Ancient Eygption Culture as well as the Roman Empire. Sound interesting yet?
Keep reading for 4 reasons why you should be on shrooms every day from here on out.

1. They improve your physical performance.

Reishi has been long revered for its physical performance enhancing properties. Unlike pre-workouts that “power” you with synthetic stimulants, functional mushrooms actually IMPROVE your body’s performance at a cellular level.
Reishi is known for its adaptogenic properties which helps resilience, helping athletes to (or anyone doing physical activity) “bounce back” and keep going for longer.
Fun fact: High altitude climbers use Reishi to avoid getting altitude sickness.

2. They keep you beautiful.

Functional mushrooms help you look your best and fight the signs of aging from the inside out. Fungi has been used in skin care (and hair care!) for centuries because of its ability to hydrate and brighten while promoting a youthful radiance.
These shrooms are able to work beauty wonders because of the following properties found amongst them: Vitamin B Complex (skin health and cellular growth), Natural Hyaluronic Acid (keeps your skin hydrated and plump), Beta Glucan (a polysaccharide that has skin plumping and anti-cancerous properties), Vitamin D (antioxidant that wards off premature aging) and Lentinan (enhances cellular immunity). Gorgeous, darling. Simply gorgeous.

3. They keep you thriving longer.

We already know mushrooms can keep you looking young, what about feeling young and free of illness? Good news: They do that too! They are full of antioxidants which counter the adverse effects of free radicals. Impressively, they also bolster your immune system to help you fight off illness and infections. Perhaps most importantly, studies have been conducted about the promising power of mushrooms when it comes to fighting cancer.
Reishi has also been shown in studies to boost many components of the immune system, including “natural killer cells” which find and destroy cancer cells.
Chaga Mushrooms were administered to mice with compromised immune systems in another study. It resulted in an increased number of protective white blood cells in their bone marrow.

4. They make you smarter.

Okay, maybe not “smarter” per-say. Chances are, you’re not going to eat a serving and compose a symphony. However, they ARE incredibly good for brain health, function and overall vitality.
Lion’s Mane mushroom is a shining example of just how mushrooms can help with brain health. In one study, elderly men and women with mild cognitive impairment were administered Lion’s Mane for 16 weeks. Compared to the group who received placeboes, the shroom eating group had significantly increased cognitive scores!
This happened because Lion’s Mane is able to activate a crucial peptide known as NGF which is necessary for maintenance, growth and survival of neurons in your brain.
PS - Lion’s Mane gets its name from it’s looks and is not derived from an actual lion. We’re a vegan company, remember?

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