Daytona 200 Champion Takes BōKU® Super Food to Super Speeds


David Sadowski

Super Food is truly for super HUMANS. The one and only David Sadowski Sr. rode the BōKU® Superbike at Homestead Miami International Speedway. This past Valentines Day, the 51 year old Sadowski… powered by BōKU® Super Food rode from the back row of the grid to an astonishing 4th position, just a wheel short of a Podium position.

“The best thing was, I never got tired and was able to better my lap-times which each lap. My last lap was my fastest and I almost got on the Podium today…Thanks BōKU® david sadowski 2Superfood, I had no worries with energy and could line up again right now!”

Sadowski, a Motorcycle Racing Instructor, is preparing for a return to racing after spending the last 4 years in China teaching his craft all over Asia. His return to racing was prompted by a huge change in the Motorcycle world, the Daytona 200 has now become not only the most prestigious motorcycle race in history, it has also become the richest race. Daytona International Speedway has taken the race back to the original road course used in the 80’s–90’s and they have increased the purse dramatically…by some $200,000. Another twist that caught Sadowski’s eye was the new rules for this race that allow all Fuel and all Tire manufacturers to participate. For close to a decade it was controlled by series sponsors Sunoco and Dunlop whom cornered the market.

“I think the open choice for Fuel and Tires rule change will bring more competitive racing back. When I won Daytona in the 90’s, we had at least 5 tire companies involved with our series and the fuels were very technically designed and engineered for peak performance in racing motorcycles. I look at what I put in my body the same way, I need peak performance at my age…BōKU® Superfood delivers that!” said Sadowski.

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