Girl Power!

Girl Power!

Girl Power

Finding balance as a woman in the dynamic world we live in is not an easy task. The mental stress of navigating your work life, personal time and relationships can take its toll. Combine that with hormonal fluctuations and unexpected change, and you have yourself a potent mystery cocktail, that does not always go down well.

We believe that finding the sweet spot between health and happiness begin and end with the foods that we put into our bodies. We need to be fueled and not fed. Nature provides us with the tools we need to survive and thrive. We just need to know where to look!

For years we at Boku have raved about the life-giving and performance enhancing properties of our Super Fuel Formula. To date, Fuel is our most popular blend for active lifestyles and performance. Along with the fantastic energy and vitality that fuel brings, we thought it was also important to touch on the balancing properties that Fuel brings to women's health.

Boku super fuel is a 100 % organic and sustainable superfood elixir made using whole-food powders of Peruvian maca root, European marshmallow root, fair trade Peruvian cacao, Nepalese goji berry, ceremonial grade matcha green tea, reishi mushroom, and Nova Scotian red dulse leaf. Each of these adaptogenic ingredients, especially the man ingredient, Maca Root offer unique and synergistic benefits that help keep all the beautiful ladies out there smiling and in harmony. Here are a few women-specific benefits of some of the ingredients!

Maca root:

Can Normalize Menopause Symptoms- Maca root has been used extensively for centuries as a hormone balancer. Research shows that its high nutrient density and phytochemical content may be the underlying contributors to this effect.

Can improve Sexual Function- Female sexual dysfunction depends on a multitude of factors. One study examined the effectiveness of maca supplementation for remedying sexual dysfunction in women as a result of taking SSRIs (antidepressants). Women in this study enjoyed a vast improvement while consuming just 3 grams a day (Boku Super Fuel has over 3 per serving)

Aphrodisiac- ^ this goes without saying. Not surprisingly, Maca Root has been used for centuries as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Can Support Mood- Nutrition research proves that essential fatty acids found in Maca are necessary for supporting mood and brain health.

Fertility- Infertility is a growing concern for both men and women, so it is no surprise many people today turn to natural alternatives to improve chances of getting pregnant.

Bone Density- Studies show that Maca's effect on menopausal symptoms have found that maca increases important markers in bone density.

Marshmallow Root:

Improves Digestive Health- Studies show that over 50% of American women struggle with digestive issues and constipation. Marshmallow root has been used for centuries as the one stop shop for digestive health. Due to numerous studies of the gut-brain axis, scientists have discovered that the connection between a healthy gut and a healthy brain are undeniable. The healthier your digestive system is, the more relaxed you can deal with stressors and the inevitable hormone monster.

Fights bacterial and fungal Infections- As most women are aware it is imperative to maintain a healthy and clean vaginal environment.  Marshmallow root is an incredibly potent antibacterial and antifungal, which is great for routine maintenance and in case of an imbalance.

Helps mend skin troubles- The roots and stem of the marshmallow plant secrete mucilage which softens the skin and kills bacteria.

Reduces water retention- Marshmallow seems to have a diuretic effect and acts similar to water pills, to help keep water weight off.

Red dulse seaweed-

Minerals- Dusle is packed with powerful and valuable minerals that most women require. Metals like iron and minerals like potassium are found in abundance in one serving of red dulse seaweed. As a matter of fact, in one serving of red dulse you are getting over 100% the daily value of iron and potassium which help your red blood cells carry more oxygen throughout the body. The high potassium content helps play an important role in balancing body fluids and assisting in maintaining a steady beat needed for proper muscle contraction.

Fatty Acids- This mighty ocean plant is loaded with uber popular polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega-3 and 6. These nutrients are proven to regulate blood clotting, blood pressure and aid in the proper development/function of our brain and nervous system, as well as providing anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin B12- This vitamin is essential and thought to only exist in animal meat sources. However, one serving of red dulse contains over 100% of the DV of B12 needed to thrive.


Theobromine- Man women know about the relatively new dark chocolate craze. Do you know why chocolate is no longer a sinful treat and is now a beneficial snack? Theobromine is a phytochemical that is found in abundance in raw cacao and is an incredibly potent mood enhancer and energy booster. This compound is sometimes called PEA, and it is said to be the main reason people associate chocolate with happiness.

Flavonoids- Cacao is also high in beneficial flavonoids which have an incredibly useful antioxidant activity and are linked to heart health and lowering bad cholesterol and increasing HDL or good cholesterol.

Magnesium/ Iron- Raw cacao is one of the best whole food sources of magnesium-- a mineral that many women lack and is essential for energy production, a healthy brain and for relieving muscle aches and menstrual cramps.

Ok ladies, don't forget that these are just a few of the phenomenal ingredients and benefits of this Super Fuel elixir! Rest assured that mother nature has the answers to the questions our bodies are asking. These adaptogenic nutrients are natures swiss army knife and will go to work inside your body like a well dressed, spunky little superfood army. You will be amazed once you make Boku Super Fuel part of your daily routine. Here at Boku, we understand how difficult it is to be the best woman you can be. We are ALL on this floating rock together, and we MUST stick together! No matter if your a mom, a daughter, a partner, an employee or let’s face it... ALL of the above! We need the nutrients that help us to THRIVE. You must start living your best life today so you can be the best YOU tomorrow! Let's get after it girls!!! :)

Merci BOku!