Heal the Body; Heal the Mind

Heal the Body; Heal the Mind

Heal the Body; Heal the Mind

Millennial culture is typically summed up in one word: screens. It’s true -  iPhone-iPad-Android-Netflix culture contributes vastly to the epidemic of attention deficit disorder (ADD), as well as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

And yet, there is much more to the story.

Research continues to reveal that the increased occurrence of ADD/ADHD is heavily influenced by the foods and beverages that we consume. It’s pretty intuitive, actually: poor nutrition, agricultural chemicals, and stimulating food and drink can be so ungrounding that we become easily distracted by external stimuli, and feel a bit like we’re rushing our way through life. That is, an ungrounded body results in an ungrounded mental state. We can even forget to do something as natural as properly breathing!

We are baffled by the amount of times people have, in very casual conversation, said things along the lines of “oh my God, I am so ADD.” The overdiagnosis (and self-diagnosis) of ADD and ADHD and the overprescription of Ritalin, Adderall, and other pharmaceuticals may be more preventable than we think.

Starting the day off right is likely the key ingredient to sustained groundedness. Caffeine, which we all know and likely love, actually helps with focus - but only temporarily. Throughout the day, we can expect such symptoms as: fidgeting, squirming, feelings of restlessness, excessive talking and interrupting, anxiety, and a feeling of needing to be “on the go.” It can cause us to buzz back and forth between one thing and another, ultimately diminishing our focus. Sugar does the same thing.

Try a cleaner way to sustain energy and focus, that doesn’t make you go bzzzzzz. We are offering a Complete Meal and Energy Recovery Kit for those struggling with focus, energy and stamina. The maca contained in the Super Fuel is a powerful Peruvian root that is known to enliven vitality and stamina, yet also offers deep groundedness.

The Super Food in the kit offers nearly countless vitamins and minerals that are severely lacking from the average American diet, and help contribute to a whole brain.

So, cut down on your coffee intake, drink more water, breathe consciously throughout the day, and nourish yourself with all the proper vitamins and minerals, and watch your mental peace and productivity skyrocket!