Healing Arthritis the Natural Way

Healing Arthritis the Natural Way

Treating Arthritis Holistically

Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that causes chronic inflammation in the joints. And, arthritis is painful in more ways than one: it costs the U.S. economy about $86 billion annually - and when we account for other factors like lost wages, it comes to a figure more like $124 billion a year! We can assume that the largest portion of this goes to medical fees of various sorts, but perhaps there are some ways to handle this common affliction more inexpensively, and more importantly, more safely than the typical methods of treatment.

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Let’s look to some of the ancient remedies used for arthritis before pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications were available, because, after all, arthritis has been found in bone remains dating back as far as 500,000 years!

Bee Venom for Arthritis

Yep - you read that right. To be sure, this is one of the more bizarre and certainly more counterintuitive approaches, but there is something inside the venom in bee stings called “endogenous glucocorticoids” (EGs) that have proven to carry anti-arthritic effects. We don’t have any painless recommendation as far as administering bee sting venom to your arthritis pain at home, but this method can be sought via - ahem - non-traditional healthcare practitioners.

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Green Tea for Arthritis 

Green tea, especially in the form of matcha, is famed for its high concentration of polyphenols - a type of antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that prevent and reduce pain from arthritis. There are many wonderful reasons to incorporate matcha into your daily routine, and this is especially true if you’re suffering arthritic pain.

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Curcumin for Arthritis

Curcumin is the compound of turmeric that has given turmeric such a hot reputation these days. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and can offer great relief to the pain caused by chronic arthritic inflammation, suppressing arthritis symptoms. Curcumin also contains lots of antioxidants.

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Ginger for Arthritis

For extra inflammation relief, try incorporating fresh ginger into your daily diet by grating it into a tea, eating it raw, or tossing slivers in with salads.

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Essential Oils

Lavender is one of the best oils to breathe deeply for general pain, but it seems as though Boswellia, aka Indian Frankincense has been used for centuries to relieve the symptoms present within chronic inflammation disorders, and it’s considered to be analgesic (pain-relieving).



Lifestyle Considerations

A diet with lots of fiber, antioxidants, and omega-3s is doctor-recommended to fight off diseases like arthritis. Consider a trail mix that contains all 3 to snack on throughout the day to make sure you’re getting plenty of these important nutrients.


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Other simple and inexpensive (& free) measures can be taken to ease the pain of arthritis. Listening to music that brings you joy is effective in reducing physical pain, as is taking some time to soak up the healing effects of sun rays - vitamin D helps to produce collagen in the joints. Taking barefoot walks is great if you’re struggling with osteoarthritis in the leg/ankle/foot joints. And of course, make sure you’re getting plenty of [gentle] exercise.

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There you have it - a nice creamy cup of ginger turmeric matcha in the sun doesn’t sound nearly as bad as loading up on a bunch of steroid meds, does it?