How to Spring Clean Your Life in 9 Simple Steps

How to Spring Clean Your Life in 9 Simple Steps

Yay, Spring! Temperatures rise, the urge to head outdoors strikes, and even the sun seems to shine a bit brighter. As you open windows to let in fresh air and swap sweaters for shorts and t-shirts, you might notice a few remnants of winter lurking behind: piles of dust bunnies and months of winter clutter shoved in corners.

Yup, ’tis the season for spring cleaning.

Perhaps you already have a spring cleaning plan up your sleeve, but this year, why not extend it beyond your home to encompass your life?

That’s right: spring clean your life. Take action with these seven simple steps to spring clean your life. You’ll feel lighter, brighter and ready to embrace spring’s warmer, gentler world.

Clear Your Closets — and Donate!

As you switch gears to warm-weather clothes, take an afternoon and sift through your closet. Haven’t worn it in more than a year? Ditch it. Too small or big? It’s outta there. Take your gently used gear and donate it to a local charity, like Goodwill.

Donation box with clothes. A box of warm clothes.

Sweep Away Toxic Influences

Sure, certain food and drink can be toxic to your health — and we suggest clearing your fridge and cabinets of those things. But people can also be toxic. Take stock of the individuals in your life. Ask if those people bring you joy and peace. If someone is causing you anxiety or isn’t making you happy, gently close the door on that relationship.

Hit Pause on Social Media Alerts

Do you really need to know every time someone likes one of your Facebook posts, or pings you on Instagram? Save yourself oodles of time and distractions by turning off social media alerts on your cell phone. You’ll survive. Trust us.

Clear Your Mind

Give yourself the gift of Om. Download a meditation app, or start meditating on your own. You’ll help clear your jumbled thoughts and future worries, and focus on the present.

Straighten Out Your Finances

It can be scary to take a close look at your bank account and retirement funds — but oh, so worth it. Use software like to figure out where your money is going each month, and find areas where you can save more or at least spend less.

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Clear Away Clutter

While you’re doing your regular round of spring cleaning — like dusting and sweeping — start to clear out clutter from places that are often ignored, like the garage, your car, or even the kitchen junk drawer.

Clean Out Your Inbox

You know that feeling when your unread messages skyrocket toward 1,000? It’s stressful! Let’s face it; you don’t really need to be on the newsletter list for your local auto repair shop. Use a service like to help you unsubscribe from promo emails that clog up you inbox.

Revamp Your Schedule

If you’ve overextended yourself with activities and commitments, start to say no, or eliminate some so that you have more free time to yourself.

Calender Planner Organization Management Remind Concept

Spruce Up Your Workout

If your exercise routine is gathering dust, start to breathe new life into it. Change up your routine — jog in a local park instead of on a treadmill, or try a Pilates class instead of the same old yoga. If you’ve abandoned exercise altogether this winter, start slow, with gentle, 30-minute workouts three times a week, before building up to longer, more frequent routines.

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