National Dog Rescue Day

National Dog Rescue Day

On National Dog Rescue Day, thousands of shelter dogs overcame the impossible and found loving homes due to the raised awareness and pop-up shelters on Sunday. Our two  amazing dogs, Ziggy and Duke, hang out with us at BoKU's headquarters, and provide us moral support as we work through long days creating lifestyle products for humans and animals alike. 

Many fuzzy, warm-hearted mutts await caring families, a place to finally call home and some yummy treats!

Nearly four million dogs are entered into shelters annually, which is millions more than people can keep up with adopting. But every life matters, and when even one dog is adopted, that is one more sentient being that may escape the harsh life of being trapped in a shelter, and may even dodge the bullet of euthanasia.

dog kisses

Why You Should Consider Adopting a Dog

1. Save a Life!

Each year, 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized because shelters can no longer accommodate the massive influx of unwanted pets. Few things are more rewarding than providing nurturing, comfort, snuggles and treats to an animal that was once neglected, and thought that it might never feel that level of love again. 

2. Dog Truly is [Hu]man's Best Friend

When we simply provide food, walks and cuddles to a dog, we receive the most pure and unconditional love you could ever imagine. It's the best feeling ever to get home looking forward to an adorable pattering of paws charging towards the front door, with the full intention of letting you know how much they love you. As BoKU's CEO Lynn Rollé says, "a house is not a home without a 4 legged family member to greet you after a long day. My Ziggy has a ritual that I look forward to as I pull into my driveway. He smiles as soon as he see’s me, sings me a song then rolls around on his back waiting for belly rubs. Who else would do that every time you come home?" UGH, SO CUTE!

dog friend


3. You'll Get a Free, Enjoyable Exercise Routine!

Dogs are amazing for accountability purposes. You can't argue with their needs for a daily walk, so you get to have one (or two) too! And, they say that walking is the very best exercise. Even when we're feeling lazy, puppy eyes are incredibly encouraging, and one look has us jumping up, grabbing the leash and strapping our sneakers on. And then, we hop out there in the world, and are immediately glad we did it! Ahh, fresh air! Ahh, endorphins! Ahh, adorable furry friend wagging its tail every step of the way! 

4. Make Hundreds of Friends at the Dog Park

And actually, out in the general public, too! Having a dog is an incredible bonding opportunity, an ice breaker - a conversation started like no other. You'll love your furry mutt so much, that every time someone approaches you wide-eyed, with hands outstretched squealing "can I pet your dog?!" you'll be super excited to share the love and you probably won't be able to stop talking about his little quirks. Your pup will also gather quite a following of fellow furry friends in no time.

dog water friends

5. Make Your Family Photos That Much Cuter

'Nuff said. Ok, a dog is waiting for you at the local shelter; what are you waiting for?!

 dog family photo

In case you're not in a position to take on the responsibility of a dog, you can still help. Consider volunteering at a local shelter, donating, or fostering.